Sunday, January 5, 2014

STL Snowmageddon 2014!!!

...In case you didn't hear, and if you didn't, where have you been???, STL got a little bit of snow today. They'd been forecasting it since Thursday and everyone was taking it seriously. Friday afternoon, when I always do my grocery shopping, it was insane at the grocery store and Costco! People were stocking up like crazy! Oh well, I knew I wouldn't have time on Saturday and Sunday was out of the question so I braved the crowd and got our supplies.

We had a stale loaf of bread in the fridge. I decided, hey, let's be cliché and we'll make French toast for breakfast on Sunday if the snow comes. This meant I had to stop at the grocery store again on Saturday morning for syrup, but luckily, it wasn't nearly as crazy. Side note: Apparently they eat waffles and syrup at the sitter's. When I picked her up on Friday, the sitter told me that after she finished her breakfast, AR decided to wear her bowl as a hat...a syrupy hat. This was actually what gave me the idea for French toast when she mentioned syrup.

Saturday night, Matt set the alarm for 3am thinking he'd go in at 4. I woke up slightly before his alarm. When I looked outside, it hadn't done anything. His alarm went off and he got up. I heard his truck running outside and the tv on in the living room. I fell back asleep and woke up a little before 7 to AR giggling over the monitor. Apparently, Matt was back (or maybe he never left, I don't know!). They took care of the dogs then came and tackled me in bed. I got to sleep in both days this weekend! #winning

The G-Fam all moved to the living room where we watched the news on the tv and the snow through the window. I loved how the reporters were telling everyone to stay off the roads then they'd cut to the Fox 2 Mazda Roadrunner who is driving down the highway. Matt decided to go shovel the driveway for the first time. AR and I watched from inside, she stood at the window knocking on the window and clapping when he'd look at her. Then Daddy left for work!

AR and I went to the kitchen and got started on our French toast. I used my old skillet that's probably 10+ years old and the first two pieces ended up a mangled mess. Then I pulled out my new Ozeri pan and our French toast was perfect!!! While the toast tasted great, my child much preferred to stick her hand in the syrup and lick her fingers. I don't blame her.

While I cooked, she climbed under the kitchen table and watched the wildlife in the backyard. Currently, she's really into the squirrels in the backyard and thinks they're hilarious. It must be the Alpha Gam in her.

After breakfast, we Skyped with Nana, let the dogs out (Silly dogs wouldn't come back in! I had to put on Matt's muck boots and wrangle them back inside), and played, played, played! I broke out my Ugly Sweater Run stocking cap yesterday and AR is obsessed! I'm glad she's found a hat she doesn't mind wearing. Of course, we had to have her baby dolls in the picture...this isn't even half of them! Oh and don't you love her moccasins? My stepsis that lives in Utah sent them to her last Christmas and they fit perfect now.

Around lunchtime, I went outside with a ruler. We had almost ten inches! Some of that could have been because the wind was blowing it all around, but still, that's a lot of snow!

AR watched safely from inside. We, meaning me, didn't go out at all other than to measure the snow, let the dogs out, and scoop the back patio. I had specific instructions not to touch the driveway. Luckily, I don't go in until 2pm tomorrow so hopefully he'll clear it by then.

When I came in the house, AR was really into cleaning off my boots for me. She'd pick up the clumps of snow and carry them all to the trash can.

After a nice, long two hour nap, AR woke up and was so excited to see Daddy had come home! He basically stopped to eat, put on dry clothes, and warm up a little bit. He also plowed in front of our house and the neighbors on either side of us. AR would clap and cheer and get a big grin every time she saw his truck.

But when he'd pass our house, she was confused. "Where's Daddy?"

After he left, we decided we'd make him a cake for him to eat when he gets home later tonight. I took two steps away from her to get the sprinkles out of the cabinet and look what that stinker did. Stuck her finger right in the cake, see it on her lip?

We decorated it with red and green sprinkles. Hopefully, Daddy will like it because it was made with LOTS of love.

After dinner, we finished up drawing on thank you cards and headed to the bath. She discovered the bucket fits perfectly on her head and wouldn't take it off. I let the water out of the tub and she insisted on leaving it on. Silly goose!

We had a great snow day! I've been home with her a lot the past couple weeks and she's been so good! I don't know why I act like I'm surprised because she really is a good kid. Lately though, she just wants to crawl up in my chair and sit by me while she plays with her toys, listens to books my mom recorded, or play on her Leappad. AR will give love meaning hugs and kisses, but she's not real big on cuddling so I'm enjoying the time she wants to spend right beside me. Side note: Definitely have to limit the screen time on the Leappad, but totally excited to have it for our flight to Florida!

Then 12 hours after our day started, it was time to put her to bed. When I lay her down at night is when I get the best cuddles. After story, prayer and love for Daddy, we go over all the animals in her room, sing Grey Squirrel and then she rests her head on my shoulder while I turn on the sound machine. Some nights, I don't want to lay her down!

So there you have it, our snow day, where we didn't get to play in the snow, but we watched a LOT of it come down! Hope everyone stays safe and warm out there tomorrow.


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like you all made the most of the cold stuff. I hope the neighbors give your husband some nice cookies or something for the plow work. The local plows have been a regular visitor this winter in front of our house.

Stay warm

Julie said...

Got snowed in at the hotel for 2 days and the drive home wasn't pretty. Hopefully plows start up here in South County or I think schools will be off tomorrow too (which is fine, ha!)

Joanna said...

Lots of love during that storm! I love reading about your days. You're such a great mama & you can see the joy in AR's sweet face too.