Friday, January 24, 2014

The Rest of Our Trip to Florida...

...After seeing all the manatees on Friday morning, we came back to Nana's. AR and Nana went swimming outside, the pool was heated, while I took a nice long bike ride. I accidentally took a wrong turn so it was longer than I planned but I enjoyed being outside.

On Saturday morning, Nana had her friends over to see her newly remodeled house and meet AR. AR chose her own outfit and it turned out that we all ended up matching.

She found this round pillow in Nana's bedroom and carried it out to the living room. Apparently, she thought it was a horse. What a great imagination!

Three generations all in blue.

After the party, AR took a nice long nap while I went to get my haircut, I was in need of some massive deshedding. When I got back, I went on a long walk with my mom's dog. Jodie and I got back to the house and AR was up from her nap and looking for me. She got in the stroller and we went a little further with her. I always do lots of outside exercising when I'm at Nana's, too bad she's too good of a cook! After our walk, we went shopping at Beall's. I was pretty thrilled that I spent $100 and had Christmas/birthday gifts for six people! Plus I got a new sports bra and workout capris while AR got two new outfits and a spring dress. I love shopping at Beall's!

Saturday night, this girl wore herself out! She ran circles around Nana's living room changing after her dog. AR hasn't been much of a talker but she would say the dog's name, Jodie, clear as day. She's also started calling Daddy, Matt. He taught her that. 

Jodie was a very good sport about it. I mean who wouldn't love all the hugs and kisses from this precious little girl? I'm glad AR and Jodie had such a good time. When we got off our flight on Monday afternoon, my mom texted me that Jodie had attacked the neighbor's dog. By the time I called my mom, she had already talked to an adoption/rescue organization and her vet who both told her it was risky for Jodie to be around other dogs and a huge liability to them since they don't know what/when she could go off on dogs or humans.

I'm sick to my stomach just thinking about this. She was seriously so good with AR the entire weekend while she chased her, hugged her, petted her, and she never even snapped, snarled, or gave her a dirty look. My mom is just like me, a huge dog person, so this its a very difficult decision for them to make and I know she's heartbroken about it.

Sunday was a relatively slow, hang out day. Nana met up with her friend who gave AR a ride on the golf cart.

We had lunch at a local place called Grannie's where AR ate chicken livers for lunch and loved them! After we all took a long nap, we decided to head to the pool. Here's my mermaid wrapped up in Nana's sweatshirt as we walked in.

I swam a little bit with her but then jumped in the hot tub while her and Nana swam. She is such a fish! She blew bubbles, stuck her head under the water, kicked her feet while holding on to this step...and all on her own without being asked! I can't wait for her "official" swim lessons to start in a couple weeks.

We also checked out the park in their living community. It was not a great park, especially for little ones, but we made the best of it. AR loved hanging from the bars but that's no shocker as she's part monkey.

She loved this slide and went down it too many times to count. She even accidentally went down head first.

They didn't have the little bucket toddler swings. Nana put her on this one and as I snapped three great pics and was in the process of saying, "Mom, don't let her fall," she promptly fell onto the luckily, soft, rubber chips. That didn't stop her from crying while pointing at the swings and wanting to do it again.

There was a really nice dog park right next to the playground. We ventured into the big dog side as they were more entertaining. We sat on a bench and watched the dogs chase tennis balls and Frisbees then race the small dogs on the other side of the fence. AR loved it especially when Harley came over to say hello.

It was a nice and relaxing trip. I enjoyed the break from the frigid weather. A trip to Nana's is also a break for Mommy as Nana let's me sleep in and does bath time and AR has a great time with her. We'll be seeing her again in February and talking lots as we gear up for planning AR's second birthday. It seems like I was just pregnant with her and now we'll be celebrating the big two soon. Thanks for the trip, Nana!

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Liz said...

I love, love, LOVE the pic of the three of you in matching outfits!! That's a framer, for sure.