Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Return Flight...

...We flew back on Monday, like I said before, it was a whirlwind trip. Somehow the flight back and the wait at the airport is much quicker than the flight to. Maybe because I know what to expect or possibly because Nana waits with us until the last possible minute before we have to go through security. It could also be that Tampa takes your luggage for you making check-in much quicker and I get to skip to the front of the line since I have a stroller when we go through security. Anyways, it always goes quick.

We only had about 20 minutes to pass before the plane started boarding so in that time, AR took a few selfies on my Note. I feel like selfies should always be captioned, "Hey, girl, HEY!"

Our boarding pass was B9 but we got in line right after the A group. We snagged a window seat and waited to see who would be stuck lucky enough to sit by us. As it turns out, no one wanted to. The seat beside us was the very last one filled. It ended up being a younger guy in his early 20s which I was very happy with, I don't think the Mizzou football player would've liked sharing his leg room with AR.

She was a good girl again on this flight. I asked for two water with lids when we ordered our drinks. The flight attendant brought them to us without lids. It was all okay at first, but as AR tried to pull her water away from me because "she's a big girl and can do it herself," I quickly had to ask our middle row friend to take my drink before we all ended up wet. Of course, she fell asleep the last twenty minutes of the flight, but hey, I don't normally get to hold her while she sleeps so I'll take all the cuddles I can get.

The guy really was a good sport. As soon as he sat down, AR started giving him stickers. They started off on his hands then she started up his arm. Before too long, he had a whole garden of flower stickers! He was super sweet and left them on the entire flight, even as he walked off the plane he still was wearing them. I also offered him a Blow-Pop along with the other array of snacks I had packed.

As we got off the plane, AR wanted to walk and not sit in her stroller. Do you blame her? She'd been cooped up for 2+ hours. I let her walk a bit since the walkway was wide enough for us to pass. When we got about halfway, I stopped to pick her up and told the two guys behind us to go around. One guy muttered something I didn't quite catch but I knew it wasn't polite. There's always one person in a tiz when you travel and I'm just glad he didn't sit by us!
I doubt we'll be going anywhere between now and May so it's crazy to think that the next time we fly, she'll have her own seat. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing because I'm not so sure she'll want to sit in her carseat that long. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge at that time!

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