Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Flight to Florida...

...I woke up last Thursday morning to snow on the ground. I prayed that it wouldn't delay our flight. Luckily, my lunch time it was all gone. My MIL picked us up at one and we headed to the airport. We circled Terminal 2 at the airport TWICE and there was seriously no place to park. Oh well, I figured I could handle it for the short distance plus I figured someone might offer to help. Yeah, I was wrong. Not a single person offered to help. I waddled into the airport with AR in a stroller, my camera backpack on my back, a huge carry-on hanging on my arm, a rolling suitcase and a convertible carseat. It was no easy task.

I take it back, one man did help me in line...he pushed her stroller forward as I struggled to move forward with everything else. I finally get to the front of the line, get her a boarding pass, and think I'm in the clear. Wrong! I forgot that at STL Terminal 2 they don't put your luggage on the conveyor belt behind the check-in desk, you have to walk it ACROSS the terminal to go through security. So I load up with all my bags and my 1.5 year old and struggle once again, this time passing four airport/TSA employees standing and talking to each other and not a single offer of help.

We finally ditched the suitcase and carseat, made our way through security and had about an hour and a half before our flight. The one thing I love about Terminal 2 is that there's five-six unused gates that no one realizes are there. I always take AR there so we can run around, be loud, and do whatever we want. Plus there's a family bathroom this is never used so there's no wait and it's super clean. I set up my laptop with a nursery rhyme DVD for her to dance to while I read. It worked out great!

About thirty minutes before our flight, we headed back to our gate. AR watched the plane pull into the gate. She was mesmerized by it all.

When I switched cards, I found this old disposable camera in my console. God only knows what pictures are on it. I threw it in our bag figuring I could use it on the flight instead of getting out my DSLR. AR saw it and it was the best "toy" I packed. She loved "taking pictures" the whole flight and basically our whole trip.

I still got out the DSLR. Here's AR and me ready to leave on a jet plane.

Our boarding number was B-1. Luckily, we got to board directly after group A and got in line before two HUGE families. We found an empty row and snagged a window seat. It was a two hour flight and AR did awesome. She got tired towards the end of the flight, she hadn't had a nap all day and I thought she'd nap on the plane, of course, she didn't. I also think her ears were bothering her because she got a little fussy, but nothing crazy. When we landed, all the people around us told her what a good job she did and I was one proud mommy. We found Nana when we landed and ate at the airport. As soon as we got in the car, my girl passed out. Next time we fly, she'll probably be over two which means she'll have her own seat. That's awesome for Mommy but not on the pocketbook!


Julie said...

T2, isn't that Southwest? If so, they've always taken my luggage at the check-in, I've never walked through security with it unless it was a carry-on and I've always check in at the curb. However when we flew the charter to Mexico, we had to walk in with it but they still took it at the counter.

Slamdunk said...

I think you earned a little rest after all that lugging things around. Great to see the smiles.

Jenni Brink said...

You make it sound so easy!