Thursday, January 9, 2014

THERA°PEARL Children's Pal Review...

...When we received our THERA°PEARL Sports Pack, AR couldn't keep her hands off it. I started surfing their website and saw that they offer Children's Pals. These are the perfect ice/heat pack for bruises, swelling, bee stings, or whatever other injuries your wild child might literally run into. The Children's Pals come in fun characters: Buddy the Puppy, Ping the Panda, Pearl the Pig, and here's Ribbit the Frog:

The sitter calls these "boo boo ice."

When the package came in the mail, AR didn't know what they were at first, but she was drawn to the package because of the fun pig and frog.

I took them out of their package which is 100% childproof, almost even mommy-proof, too!

After inspection, she remembered what it was and immediately put it on her cheek.

She shared Pearl the Pig with Mommy, but Ribbit was all hers!

She even shared Pearl with her baby doll. Maybe she'll grow up to be a nurse?

As much as AR loved the Sports Pack, she loved the Children's Pal even better! The fun characters drew her attention, hopefully they would distract her if she wasn't feeling good and help calm her down. It was easy for her to hold the pal on her face by herself so that was nice as it left Mommy with an extra set of hands. She loved squishing the pearls inside. Hopefully we don't use these often, but when we do, they'll get the job done.
You can find out more about their products by visiting:
Thank you THERA°PEARL for the opportunity to review your Children's Pack!

*I received one Children's Pal at no charge. All thoughts/opinions are mine.

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Jenni Brink said...

Wow! Those are cute! I need to get something like that to have on hand just in case. Right now the closest I'd have is a bag of frozen chopped onions. Lol. I'll check them out. :-)