Monday, February 22, 2010

Angie's Baby Shower!!!

...Sunday afternoon was Angie's Baby Shower at Loretta's. The guest list consisted of her elementary school friends, high school friends, Supper Club, STL Wed Girls, Blog Friends...a wide variety of people from Angie's life. I'd met a few of them before at Angie's Halloween party so I had to ask what people were dressed up as so I could remember them...the referee, Snow White, half of H1N1 were all there but in their every day clothes.

Loretta had a giant pretzel in the shape of a baby carriage from Gus' plus delicious lime sherbert punch that we all guzzled down, chicken salad sandwiches, yummy salad, cheesecake and cookies! Thank you Loretta for feeding and hosting, it was great!

Here is Angie with Randall's super cute wrapped present, everyone commented on the wrapping.

Okay, I'm kind of afraid to mention the word monogrammed because it sends Angie into tears. She opened this m-word towels from Heidi and the water works started. It was so cute!!! Angie's going to make a great mom.
After the group shot of everyone at the shower (front row better be cropped from the waist down), we snagged a shot of our STL Blogger group. Left to right: Angie (she looks awesome and next time I see her she'll probably be a momma!), Randall, Heidi and myself.
Good luck Angie and we can't wait to meet you baby Nick!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

So nice to see you yesterday!

Meredith said...

Looks like a great shower, and an awesome group of women!

Angie said...

aw what a sweet post! I seriously am so grateful for all my amazing friends, I am TRULE blessed to know all of you nice women! I'm so glad you could come and I LOVE your gift! It was so unique and cute!

Adie said...

So fun - yum to the food! You look so cute in the picture!!

Krystie said...

everybody I know that has had babies this year live far away, so no baby showers for us! Sounds like it was a good time!