Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update About Mysteries... I didn't want to leave you all hanging so I did a little research to find some of the answers from yesterday.

*I decided to search Saved by the Bell, here is the link I found. Apparently they never explained or had a reason for moving from Indiana to California so this mystery is left unsolved. I did find it interesting that Jaleel White (Urkel), Brian Austin Green (90210 hottie mchottie) and Johnathan Brandis (some Chuck Norris movie and a flying dragon movie or something) were all in the pilot episode...I would really like to see that! Maybe I'll search YouTube tonight. I also found the "Tori Paradox" interesting...again, no reason as to what happened to Kelly and Jessie other than IRL they didn't resign contracts. Side note: I remember watching the graduation show and I thought it was soooo cool because the graduated the same year as my sister!!!

*Olivia Newton John's boyfriend: Patrick McDermott...first off, she didn't report him missing for two weeks! Slam Dunk, help me out here, but this is NOT cool, right? Like if your significant other is missing, you should let people know IMMEDIATELY, right? And to top it off, it wasn't even ONJ that reported him missing-it was his ex-wife!?! And ONJ and him dated for NINE YEARS!!! They say he went missing to escape debt, come on ONJ, help the guy out! We know you're rollin' in the dough from all the royalties from Grease! OOOHHH!!! Apparently, the debt is from back child wonder the ex-wife reported him missing, she wanted her money!!! Anyways, now he's living as a deck hand in Mexico and communicates via fax...come on Patrick read Amanda's blog and get with the times! You can read the story about him here. FYI-he went missing in 2005 and was "found" in 2009.

*Still have NO idea about the sign...hmmm...but Jess left a comment saying she found where I signed the guest book. I won't leave you a link but here's what I said, "Ace of Base is a really good group. When they first came out I loved them,but after awhile they got old,but now they are making a great comeback. i love Lucky Love. Ace of Base isn't my most favorite group but they're close. What other groups do you Ac e of Base lovers like? I like Mariah Carey,Alanis Morissette,Presidents of the U.S.A.,and LaBush. Where are all of you AOB lovers from? Ace Of Base ROCKS!!!!!"

*Em Static had a life mystery too so please let us know if you can help out. "Wasn't Roseanne's basement door on the other side of the kitchen (The stove side) in the first season? Then when David moved in it was on the laundry-room side.. Right?"

Sidenote...I am soooo tired!!! I had to work late on Tuesday and then a friend and her bf crashed at our house last night so I was up late waiting on them and visiting. Shadow has a new best friend as he CRAWLED in their laps last night. Tomorrow we're leaving for KC to throw Candace's baby shower...shoot, I'm going to need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


Sarah said...

Excellent detective work! I didn't get to post this the other day, but The Cosby Show has several other great unsolved TV mysteries. The first is Sondra Cosby. In the first season Dr. Huxtable (another mystery here as that season he was Clifford, after that he was Heathcliff,) clearly says to his wife that they had four kids because they didn't want five. In the second season, they magically aquired Sondra, the fifth, and oldest child. One more thing to note is that when Sondra first begins dating Elvin, she comes home very upset one weekend. Cliff sets her up with a guy, but she goes back to Elvin. Well, several seasons later, Denise gets married to the same guy, only his name is now Martin and he's in the Navy. Hmmmm.

Sarah said...

Oh, and the original 90210 has a couple interesting moments too. First, Kelly's mom in the first and second season is not the same person. Next, in the first season, Donna clearly comments to Brenda that sex is fun after the first time. However, Donna's virginity plays a big role throughout the rest of the series. The Walsh house is also very different that first season.

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for the update on Saved by the Bell. Urkel would have been hilarious.

I remember the story on ONJ's missing husband and how the going theory was that he skipped out on debt. I'll have to look into the case more to make a thoughtful comment, but unfortunately, there is no standard on when adults are reported missing--it seems to vary widely; especially if a couple is having marital issues.

Adie said...

Very good work! How did you remember that stuff?

So I have not been doing so great on the calories this week and I have shin splints! I have missed our chats on My Fitness Pal - I miss My Pal! ;)

Sorry your tired!

Em Static said...

Hrmm... Roseanne comes on every night on TV Land just as I'm about to go to bed. I may have to do this the old fashioned way and watch every episode.

I also recall an extra bedroom popping up in the Perfect Strangers apartment, but that may be too obscure, even for the internet.

Amanda said...

OMG, you really make me laugh. Thanks for the shout out because WTH? Dude, faxes? Please!

I'm so glad some of the mysteries of the world were solved. now I can rest easy.

Em, good one!!