Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Saturday... I got up early this morning so I could get things done! First off, I dropped hubs off at the post office so he could mail my book for Chelsea's Book Swap then he walked to the grocery store (I'm pretty sure to get a Valentine's Card for me) and home while I headed halfway to Cape to meet my pop for lunch. First stop though was to my stepsister's to deliver a diaper cake my mom had ordered! Sweet, some spare cashola for me!

Then I stopped at Wal-Mart for the doggies, if I didn't well then they wouldn't have dinner. Can I just say Wally World on a Saturday AM is a BAD IDEA!?! I did score some sweet deals, Sara Lee bagels for $1.88!?! A pair of khakis for $7 (I go through khakis like crazy at work so I quit investing in the pricey ones)!!! I was pretty happy with my purchases even if I did have to wait in line for over 10 minutes (and almost EVERY line was open and checking!?!).

Then Butchie and I met at Ruby Tuesday. I brought my "Eat This, Not That" book and was showing it to him. I decided to get their white chicken chili and a small salad. He was funny because he'd ask me, what can I put on the salad? What kind of dressing should I use? I said, "Dad, you can put whatever you want on it! I don't want you to leave here hungry!" I'd never had their chili before and I thought it was great! It wasn't a huge portion and not too small but for the price we! $8.50 each for soup and salad!

Then we decided to drive around to shop, Butchie was on a mission to find his own copy of "Eat This, Not That" but we couldn't find a Target or bookstore ANYWHERE and we were NOT going to brave Wal-Mart twice on one Saturday. Instead we found a Hibbit's Sporting Goods....can anyone say SWEET DEAL!?! I got Matt a Cardinals jersey original $90 for $18!!!! He's been asking for one forever but when he found out the price tag, he'd said never mind so at $18, I couldn't pass it up! I also found a cute Cardinals shirt for his sis...she is seriously the easiest person EVER to shop for.

After shopping, I headed back home (oh and I'd made my daddy some cookies so I hope he enjoyed those) to make Matt's Valentine gift...chocolate cheesecake!!! Only 5 ingredients, makes two servings...perfect for us! I substituted the whole Oreo for some of the crisps in my Oreo 100 calorie pack...only downfall to this recipe is that it's 290 calories each!?! But I guess we can splurge for one day. They are currently in the fridge cooling but I let Matt lick the bowl.

On last thing, I found over at Hope/Jill's blog, a link to My Fitness Pal. This website is AWESOME!!! You create an account (for free) and then it's like an online food journal and it'll calculate the calories, proteins, fats, etc...for what you eat plus you can track your exercise. When you set up your account, you enter your weight and your goal and it'll tell you how many calories to eat. As soon as I figure out how, I'll add a button to mine too. It does take a few minutes to look up your food but I think it's really interesting and totally worth it.

Okay, enough rambling for today...hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day-Mardi Gras Weekend!!!


Cecilia said...

Great score on the jersey. I was up at Hibbett the other day and picked up some cheap Nikes. I go through khakis too. I grab most of mine at Good Will or Salvation Army. I NEED the recipe for your cheesecake. NEED it I say.

Amanda said...

Girl, when ISN'T Walmart a bad idea? ugh, I get panic attacks just thinking about it. I need new lipstick and bath powder but I'm freaking scared to death to go there.

I have seeen that book and it's so great! I'm thinking about buying it on Amazon or something. It's so much easier to make smart choices than to limit what you eat. My hubby is trying to eat some different things because of his stones. He was all, "i can't eat chocolate, potatoes, green beans" but I know he LOVES those and he won't stick to it if he limits completely!! I also need to check out that site, I need it! I'm really splurging lately and fallen off the calorie count wagon!

Adie said...

I will have to look for that book. I saw it last night and did not buy it. I will also have to join that site.

Hope you had a great Valentines day!!

Adie said...

I joined the fitness tracker. I am not sure how to add you as a friend. Are you okay with me adding you as a friend, I guess I should ask. ;)