Friday, February 12, 2010

Petco's Customer Service...Or Not So Much... about a year ago, Matt and Shadow took a guys' day out to the farm. When they got home, Shadow had rolled around in some major FUNK that had him smellin' to the high heavens! I called around and found out that Petco offered a reasonable price for a 100lb stinky, mud-covered black lab. I dropped him off and picked him up, they were all super friendly and loving on Shadow, I felt great. Now keep in mind that this is a 100lb crazy dog and I was trying to control him, pay for the bath AND get him to the car without getting ran over, also, I figured they did this on a regular basis, I really didn't need to check him, did I? Apparently I did, as soon as I got home and I was petting him, I noticed that there was still mud caked on his stomach!?! It was only about 10 minutes until they closed so I called up there and told them what was going on. They were real nice and said that we could bring him in another time for a free bath-sweet deal, right? I think when they put him on the table, he must have freaked out and not gotten off his belly which is why they didn't get it clean.

So in the back of my mind, I always remembered this but never booked it until this week after my bout with poison because Shad had been at the farm too so I figured what better time than now? So I called on Monday and spoke to a real hater-ater who read the note on the account to me which was something like free bath make Kyle do it. So then she searched her books to make sure we scheduled Shadow during Kyle's hours so that "he couldn't get out of it." So now I'm kind of feeling bad about the whole thing even though it's not my fault...are they going to do a good job or not because apparently they're all mad about it.

So today was the big day, Matt dropped him off and told me that Kyle was PISSED about having to do this, he was wearing his nice Petco polo with "Dog Trainer" embroidered. Now, I'm assuming that Kyle was the one who groomed Shadow last time and that's why he was forced to groom him this time so I don't know if Kyle got a promotion since then or what but point is Kyle wasn't very happy at all about having to do this.

So at 5pm, Kyle calls me and tells me, "Shadow is ready to come home." It made me think of when I was younger and I'd go to my friend's houses and then when we couldn't get along any more because we both wanted to play with Jem, her parents would call mine and say, "Alyssa is ready to come home now." Anyways, back to the story, so Matt and I head to Petco and we discuss how much we should tip. Yes, the service was free but we both agreed that we should tip something, right? So Matt and I both walk inside so I can check the bottom of the belly and tip while Matt deals with crazy Shadow (who was even more crazy than normal because it was like 2 hours after his dinner time). So first off we pass a couple employees on a smoke break and walk into the grooming area. In walks who I'm assuming his Kyle, doesn't greet us just heads to the back and brings out Shadow (without checking for ID-I know this sounds silly and it wasn't a big deal but what if someone else had walked in and taken Shadow....two words-all hell!). Shadow comes out ready to go because he's STARVING, Kyle messes with his collar, doesn't acknowledge Matt, me or even Shadow, opens the gate, walks out and returns to his smoke break. REALLY???

Okay, so first off you do a crappy job washing my dog leaving mud caked on his stomach so you give us a free bath, sweet-I'm very much appreciative but wouldn't you think that they would really try to impress us this time around so that we'd continue coming back (granted it had been a year)??? Guess not and guess what else, Kyle-we were going to tip you so thanks for being anti-social and saving us a free extra bucks in our pocket for YOUR MISTAKE!!!

Now obviously, we don't take our dogs in much to groom (Emma would FREAK and in the nicer months, we just do it in the yard) but it was a good deal like $30-$40 for grooming AND nail trim but now I don't want to go back because of what happened and I feel like I'm the one that did something wrong because I simply wanted what I paid for so I guess I'll be on the search for a new place that is affordable to take crazy, wild Shadow!


Anonymous said...

I took Oreo to the one in Cape and she hated it. They were never rude to me, but they didn't do a good job and they made her foot bleed pretty bad. She was terrified :(


Amanda said...

Bad customer service is the WORST thing in the world. Like it's THAT hard to just be nice for 5 minutes!? I'm sure he's upset that he had to do it, but really, their fault in the first place.

If I get terrible service, the tip reflects it. I'm sorry that they probably don't make that much to start out with, but a tip must be EARNED!

Slamdunk said...

That sounds awful.

When my dog was alive, it took us awhile to find a good groomer. The one we found was used to larger dogs, and was amazingly gentle--she even fit us in on short notice despite being overbooked (all groomer are huh?).

Enjoy your V-Day.

stina said...

We take Brutus to PetSmart and they're great. They love on all the dogs that come in (more so w/Bru, but who wouldn't!:)). They're prices are pretty reasonable from what I've experienced and they always have coupons available (which I love).

Meredith said...

I would definitely send an email to PetCo, especially since you know Kyle's name!

Cecilia said...

Definitely say something. What a douche bag. Hey cool guy! Wash the dog. It's your job. Why do you have to be a punk?? I'd probably just punch him. Lol. Kidding.

Angie said...

Um yeah, you DEF need to email or call the higher ups at Pet CO and give them the whole story. Whoever is Kyle's boss DEF needs to know about his behavior. I'd be on the phone asking to speak to the manager like NOW.
That's really unexusable behavior on his part.

Stephany said...

I agree that you should contact either the store manager or email someone higher up on the PetCo list. That's just inexcusable customer service!

With my other dog, Minnie, we took her to PetSmart and loved it. Although we told them we wanted her face SHAVED (well, not totally shaved by free of scraggly hair!) and they would always leave some hair around eyes, to increase the terrier look. (She was a beagle/terrier mix...and looked A LOT more beagle than terrier) A little annoying but they usually "finished the job" with no problem.

I will say that never, ever, EVER take your dog to PetSmart as a vet! We went in for my dog, Dutch's, flea problem and wanted to give him 3 shots, an antibiotic, as well as flea medicine! We're on PetSmart's insurance and it would STILL have been over $200. So we're searching for a new vet to take him to.

Anyway, sucky story and sorry for such bad customer service. You totally don't want that when you had just left your dog in his care! BOO!

Adie said...

What a frustrating situation. People have no concept of customer service anymore. SORRY YOU ARE HAVING TO DO YOUR JOB!!! Yeah this stuff bugs me!