Saturday, April 12, 2014

AR & H Open Gym!!!

...Before the cake search last weekend, H invited AR to open gym at her gymnastics studio. Last time AR was there, she was only 9 months old! She was able to get into a lot more fun this time.

The big kids were on the bigger trampoline but AR still had a ball on this small one. It's just her size!

Look at H helping AR do a backbend. I think she'll make a good teacher one day!

Balance beam time!

AR ran down this tumble track and then jumped right into H's arms in the foam pit.

My little monkey, always loves to hang!

Table Time!

Of course, AR thought doing a table this way was much more fun!

And they had a slide there that was just her size so she went down it over and over and over...

She didn't always land so gracefully...

But most times, she'd jump up with a ta-da!

Thanks for inviting us, H and Sha!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

What a fun afternoon! She looks like she had a great time.