Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Huntin' Eggs & Easter Activities...

...We had a great Easter and what a beautiful day it was! We spent the day hunting eggs, attending church, enjoying our time outside, and spending time with Matt's family. First off, I had to work Saturday night and Matt sent me this picture. AR is showing me the grape she's eating. Talented, huh?

On Sunday, we woke up to AR talking in her room. You know, the usual talk that comes over the Hey, she lays in bed and talks away, it's sweet to listen to her through the monitor. Anyways, the Bunny had come and hid eggs. AR was super excited when she saw them in the yard and immediately started hunting.

A few eggs in and she dumped her basket upside down then set it on the front porch. She much preferred to find one or two eggs, go to the bucket, and then keep searching. I hid eggs for her and eggs for Daddy, his were a little harder, but she found ALL of them!

She was pretty excited with each egg she found!

After our egg hunt, we went to church. We met Matt's family where we had breakfast then attended church. I was pretty proud of my girl. She "sang" with the hymns, clapped when they were over, and folded her hands to pray when we all did. I brought a bag full of books, stickers, and coloring books/crayons. During the sermon, she was entertained with all of that. Unfortunately, communion went LONG and we started to have a meltdown. Luckily, that was the last thing.

Side note: She even went to the front of the church for the Children's Message BY HERSELF! I started to walk up with her and she just took off, so I let her go. She stayed the whole time, looking around at all the other kids, and shaking her shaker when everyone else did.

Second side note: Originally, she didn't get a shaker. Since she was by herself, she didn't know to get one and she was kind of hidden in between a bunch of older kids. The lady started talking and then the preacher noticed she didn't have one. He stood up and gave her one. Such a sweet gesture! I was hoping they had a children's Sunday School class for her age, but unfortunately, it doesn't start until three years old.

This was the best family photo I could get. She fell asleep on the way home. I set the camera up on the tripod and hit the self-timer. Hey, whatever, it's memories, right? At least Matt looks good!

We headed inside and I got some good AR loving while she slowly woke up. Daddy snapped this shot of us.

Finally, she woke up and let me snap this pic of her in her Easter outfit. Not the best backdrop, but oh well. One thing I dislike about the change of wardrobe with each season is that she always has tons of clothes but never any shoes. I let her pick today's shoes-navy dress shoes!

Side note: I was so proud of myself because I found some Nike sandals for her last fall. They were like $5 and now I can't find them ANYWHERE. It's driving me insane and I'm flipping my house upside down to try to find them. Update! The sandals have been found! They weren't ever at my house.

We changed clothes and headed over to Matt's parents house. This is one of the new outfits I'd bought on clearance last year. I didn't realize until today that it was a camera hanging around her neck on the shirt-I love it!

AR and Aunt Liz played with the airplane. AR loved watching the plane do loop-de-loops, but she loved when Daddy got it stuck in the tree even more!

We took our soccer ball over to practice. She's really actually pretty good at dribbling...when she's in the right mood for it. And who knew, Daddy has mad skills, too!

After outside fun and games, we started Egg Hunt #2! Daddy hid the eggs this time, he did a pretty good job. Oh and did I mention he hid 70 eggs!?! He wanted us all to wait and even the "big kids" aka adults look for them. However, while playing with the plane and soccer, AR kept finding eggs. She'd say, "Uh-oh..." then go get it and say, "Egg!" After she put it in her basket, she'd say, "More egg, please!"

I know I've shared this before, but my child has no fear (except of the vacuum cleaner) and doesn't mind getting dirty. I'm guessing that our summer is going to be filled with lots of mud, dirty feet, and numberous boo boos. Any time she falls, she says, "Boo boo, Momney" or whoever will listen. Sunday afternoon, she told me, I kissed it then she ran to tell Daddy. On the way to tell Daddy, she saw her dog Emma so she said, "Boo boo, Emma. Kiss it." Surprisingly, Emma did!

Here's my girl climbing under tree branches for an egg. there an egg in here?

She had to call Daddy over to inspect with her. But again, no fear sticking her hand in there to get it!

This hiding spot was MUCH easier to get to!

Whew! Hunting eggs makes a girl thirsty. Sipping on some milk...

We headed home shortly after that and she took a two hour nap! Mommy took an hour nap, too. When she woke up, we played in the yard while Daddy worked on a project for her birthday party. Then I went to get lighter fluid so Daddy could cook dinner. I totally forgot all the grocery stores were closed, but luckily Walgreens had some. When I got home, AR saw our neighbors walking by and insisted going to the park. She had a fun time playing with the neighbor girl there. By the time we got home, it was bath time so AR dined in the tub that evening! I was exhausted and I'm sure our summer will be like this every day...I can't wait!!!


Slamdunk said...

What a wonderful Easter you all had!

Your husband's hiding skills will grow every year as your daughter insists on more of a challenge. I think I am now at Jedi level, as our oldest insists that I stump him.

Jenni Brink said...

Awww, looks like you all had a great day! It's nice to see family-time happening. And she dined in the tub?!?!?! Lol!