Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Liveon: No Evil Book Review...

...After I finished Garda by Stacy Eaton, I couldn't wait to get started on the next book which happened to be Liveon: No Evil.

Liveon - No Evil

Jacquelyn Liveon is a small time detective who loves her job, but hates attention. When she steps in front of heartthrob silver screen actor, Ryan Palmer, to stop a gunman, she finds herself dangling in to the public spotlight. Ryan can’t believe a woman would save him and not want more from his glamorous life. Could the words “I Fear No Evil” that are printed on her shirt be more correct than he thought?

When Jacquelyn goes undercover, she gets submerged into a world she never wanted to understand. How does she deal with the threats against Ryan? What happens with a major event flips the movie set upside down and injures people that they care about?

First off, I love when books tie into each other so I loved that the movie Ryan was acting in was Garda. Stacy even managed to squeeze herself in as a character. Now I really want to see the "movie!"

Okay, so I finished this book in one weekend. I probably could have finished it sooner but chasing around a toddler means naptime is the only time I can squeeze in reading. I could not put this thing down and I was anxious to know what happened next. No matter where I left off, it was always an intense moment.

I really liked that she writes from both the main characters perspective but it's not in third person. Huh? She titles whose narrating Ryan/Jacquelyn and then it's in first-person. It's a unique way to write, she even does the same scene in both views but it's not redundant and you pick up on pieces that were missing from the other person's narration. I loved it!

I have to admit that while I loved the story, I didn't love the characters. Well, I take that back, I did love Troy, and for some reason I really liked Jimmy...neither were main characters but I think I liked them because they both looked out for either Ryan or Jacquelyn and genuinely had their best interest at heart. Okay, now for my thoughts on the main characters, I just never fell in love with Jacquelyn. I think she was great at her job and heck yes, I'd want her to protect me, but the way she was described conflicted with her actions and Ryan's thoughts for her in my mind. Now, for Ryan, he seemed, well, he seemed like what I'd picture a hot, spoiled celebrity to be like...he wanted what was his when he wanted it and he pouted, geez, he pouted a lot! I understood the attraction from Jackie to Ryan because yeah, he sounded hot, but 1. I don't think Ryan would ever long-term be interested in Jackie and 2. I don't think Jackie would put up with his $*&%.

All that being said, the story was great, I didn't want to put it down, and it made me feel the both excitement and sadness between the two of them. Be prepared though, there's a major shock right in the middle that will break your heart!

Rabbit, rabbit!

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Stacy Eaton said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful review! SO glad you liked the book. Ryan was a bit for a spoiled brat wasn't he?