Friday, April 18, 2014

Disney and Dessert...

...Last Sunday I signed AR up to go to an event at the community college. It was called Disney and Dessert. I wasn't really sure what it was but it turned out to be awesome! It was put on by the Young Children's Theater so there was probably 50+ kids dressed up in all kinds of Disney characters. We got there and found seats. I think AR was more excited that I let her drink pink lemonade than she was about the princesses. Unfortunately, she didn't know hardly any since we don't watch them at home and I only knew the ones from my day and age. Still, she enjoyed dancing around, drinking lemonade, and all the other kids there.

She gave Ariel a big hug when she saw her!

This lion was so friendly. She was maybe ten years old and you should have heard her belt out Queen of the Jungle!

Here's Nemo, who also happened to be my boss' daughter! She was really sweet to AR and took her off to meet some of the other characters and sat in the front row with her. Of course, AR thought that was awesome!

She was pretty excited about the cookies too!

Luckily, the characters were all nice and told us who they were. This is Sophia from Sophia the First. AR liked her despite the look. I think Sophia was struggling not to drop her.

This is Clover from Sophia the First. I told AR we needed to get a pic with the bunny because it's probably the only one we'll see this Easter season.

As I said before, AR didn't know who any of the princesses were. She was a big fan of the warthog (The Lion King), the Genie (Aladdin), and the snowman (Frozen). As one mom pointed out, she was a fan of all the male characters!

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