Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 3!!!

...Being as there's no way I'll ever get to 250 cakes by myself, we've decided to make this a family effort! So my sis and I both are on the I have all my friends that send me texts with cakes they find. I have at least four different people send me cake pictures over the weekend. I love it so please keep doing it! Here's the latest we've found this weekend:

Cake #11-Manchester City Hall
My sister found this one and since the girls weren't with her, she improvised with a Flat H and Flat AR to pose with the cake. I really like this one!

Cake #12 AKC Museum of the Dogs with Flat H and Flat AR

Cake #13 World Bird Sanctuary
We got out here and actually got to see some awesome birds like owls, bald eagle, hawks, vultures. AR thought this place was pretty cool.

Cake #14 Lone Elk Park
So yeah, my model wasn't very cooperative here. She refused to have her picture taken alone so here's both of us with the candle and she insisted on hitting the button on the camera herself.

The actual cake and not just candle of the Lone Elk Park.

Cake #15 The Blue Owl
Unfortunately, they were closed so no pie for us. :-(

Cake #16 Mastodon State Park
At this time, we realized it's much easier to have a 10 year old get in and out of the car vs both her and a 2 year old in and out of a carseat.

Cake #17 Jefferson Barracks
Some lady was there before us getting a picture of her dog with the cake...and I thought photographing a 2 year old with it was tough!

Cake #18 Civil War Museum

Cake #19 Grant's Trail
This one was really hidden and definitely off the beaten path!

Cake #20 St. Anthony's Hospital

Cake #21 Six Flags
My sis and H found the following three on Sunday after we headed home.

Cake #22 Purina Farms

Cake #23 Shaw Nature Reserve

Cake #24 Union Station
Nanny and AR found this one!

Twenty-four down...Happy Cake Hunting!!!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

I love this project! What fun. :)