Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!!!

...Good morning everyone and Happy Easter!!! I can't believe it's already Easter. Is it me or does time go by faster the older we are? I don't really feel like we did many Easter activities this year so I tried to cram as much as I could into this weekend. Unfortunately, I had to work yesterday but Momma did the best she could! We have a full day of church and family outings today, more on that later this week.

Friday afternoon we went on a #cakewaytothewest hunt in St. Charles (check later this week for a post). AR isn't really a fan of the cakes unless her friends are with her so I have to let her explore a little, it slows down the hunt, but hey, whatever makes her happy, right? When we were at the Lewis and Clark Boat House, she was obsessed with the boats (one on the river and one in the museum) plus she kept saying truck-zoom! whenever they would pass. Luckily, she didn't notice the boys making out behind the boathouse.

After the first cake, we met Jenni, her husband, and Emma at Bass Pro. They had a few crafts, we got our picture with the bunny but, of course, both girls loved the fish the most. I have to admit, they were pretty cool.

Then we all headed to Denny's for dinner where AR ordered fries. She orders it herself, she's obsessed with them lately. She was pretty good, although kind of being a stinker to Emma. No worries, I got all of Emma's hugs instead of AR so I didn't mind. Then the Brink Family went cake hunting with us after dinner. Unfortunately, I'm still not great at night time photography but these pics were too cute not to post. Besties-I love it!

I missed some really great shots because I was messing with the settings. They were so sweet hugging each other, it makes my heart melt!

I hope everyone has a Hoppy Easter! 

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Slamdunk said...

Happy Easter to you and your family as well Alyssa. Fun Easter bunny shot--our youngest will not get near anyone in a costume.

And with your comment on my blog from last week about the Mrs. and what she thinks about my dating post--my reference to dating pre-marriage when I was doing that sort of thing. Also, I think now after years of marriage, she is happy that I can talk to a hygienist while I get my teeth cleaned as that means more peaceful silence at home...