Thursday, April 17, 2014

Double Walk Weekend...

...This past weekend, AR and I went to Cape to visit my dad. We *thought* we were doing a 5k, turns out my dad signed us up for TWO 5ks. Whew, it was exhausting!!!

We started off the day bright and early but started with some basketball before we left.

I never knew a ball was so much entertainment for my girl. We'll definitely be playing at the basketball courts now just as much as the playground.

Then we went to the SEMO Walk for Women. AR got a face tattoo, she played soccer with the players from the women's soccer team, then we went on the walk which was at least two miles, if not more.

After that race, we stopped by K-Mart and H snapped the sweetest pic of AR and me. You can see her redhawk tattoo on her cheek.

In the afternoon, we did the Color Me Cape 5k. It was like the Color Run we did last year. It was the least colorful run I did because AR decided to nap during the 5k so I bypassed all the color stations. Once we got back to my dad's, she was ready to go! Papa grilled us pork chops for dinner while the kids all played outside. Eh, well played and did Sha's toes.

Then we got the ball back out, she was a busy, busy girl!

She tried her hand at football too!

Where'd it go?

You can hear the train at the house. So every time it drove by and we heard it, AR would run over to the fence, wave, and say "Bye Choo Choo!"

Have I mentioned she's obsessed with her shoes? Here she's trying to put them back on after Sha doing her toes.

Whoa-big throw!

Taking a break and watching the boys play some.

I told my dad I'm not coming back down again if I have to walk five miles in one day!!! But hey, hopefully it's motivation to get back to it.


Cecilia said...

No wonder you were so tired! Looks like AR will be quite the athlete!

Slamdunk said...

I see a future decathlete. Hope the sleeping is sound for a few days after all the fun.