Monday, April 14, 2014

Drive-In at the Library!!!

...Last Wednesday, Nanny was in town. I always try to find fun things for AR and her to do when she watches her. I checked out the library's calendar and saw that there was a Drive-In Movie. I signed AR up and sent the two of them on the way. As soon as I got this picture from Nanny, my heart melted-how adorable is this!!! Don't mind her missing wheel in this picture.

Every kid got a box and supplies to decorate. Nanny had to do most of the decorating but AR loved driving it around.

I love the back of her car! That's her license plate with her initials and there's red reflectors on it. They watched two five-minute videos that were projected on the wall. It was Cars and Toy Story which she's never seen either. My mom said AR was laughing hysterically which made all the other kids and parents laugh. She had such an awesome time! I'm sad that I missed it because I had to work but I'm happy that she has the grandmas to take her to these fun opportunities.

After they decorated their cars, then they had to go gas them up and then go to the car wash before the "movie" started. This was such a sweet, adorable event. It almost makes me want to do a car wash birthday party but we're knee-deep in our theme already so there's no turning back. Oh and did I mention that this whole thing was free???

AR does monthly classes at the library and we do special events with them when it works into our schedule. If you haven't, be sure to check out your local library because they offer amazing programs!


Julie said...

I love what the library does. What's your theme this year - you could save the cars for next year :)

Slamdunk said...

Impressive idea and looks like fun!

In the last photo, I would want to see your daughter's driver's license though--as her insurance company may be paying for some damages.