Friday, August 27, 2010

My Adventure on the Katy Trail... this past Sunday, Matt was at the farm and I'd been invited to go to Montelle Winery for my friend's birthday. Being that I was lazy all weekend, and most of last week (I only ran 11 miles total last week which is no bueno in marathon training), I decided since I had the time, I would bike to the winery, visit for awhile then bike back to my car.

I started this ride on the Katy Trail by myself at the Weldon Spring mark. On the first half of the ride, I was smiling and feeling great. Between Klondike Park and Augusta, I stopped to call my friends to see if I should keep going or had missed it. They didn't answer so I decided in my best interest to turn around and head back. This was the halfway point so it took me an hour for 8.1 miles. It may have been a little further so this mileage is just an estimate.

Katy Trail as some great sites and I only pulled my camera out once to take this pic which is way cooler in person:

On the way back, I went to grab my water bottle, went off course and flew head over handlebars right into a pile of dirt and rock. I got up, dusted off as best I could and got back on the bike. I wasn't too upset but the more I kept pedaling, the more my butt hurt, my hands hurt, my bum knee hurt (thanks 'ole high school injury) and I was THIRSTY! I'd drank all of my water and I felt like I wasn't going ANYWHERE.
When I finally made it back to Defiance, I stopped in this little bike shop where people can rent bikes and they have air for people to use. It's a nice little stop along the way. I ran inside to grab a Gatorade-oh orange Gatorade, you have never tasted more delicious than you did in that moment!

Got BACK on the trail knowing I didn't have TOO much further to do. I was so close to the end yet so...far...away! I went to grab another drink of my Gatorade when this lady passed me, kind of suprising me and then she went to cut over like as soon as she'd passed and I kind swerved a little and she yelled at me!?! I know, my fault but she could have rode a couple more feet before cutting me off. ANYWAYS, at this point, I just am done and want to finish.

I'm out of Gatorade, still thirsty and now on the verge of tears because I felt like I did awesome to start off and then horrible the second half. I think in half-delirium, I was questioning why I was about to cry. I compared it to life...pedaling away and getting nowhere. Then I saw the sign I'd been waiting on, the sign for Weldon Springs!!! I pedaled as hard as I could and finished! So it took me about 1.5 hours to do the second 8.1 miles.

Oh the way home, I treated myself to a Sonic Campfire Blast for $1.09, which I feel I rightly deserved. When I got home, I went in the backyard to rinse off my legs and arms from the tumble I took. OMG! The water from the hose was like scalding!!! Got all my cuts cleaned up then went inside to chill with the pups, iced my knee and watched a couple episodes of "Snapped." I was a little concerned since my knee was bothering me that it might affect my running this week. I might be taking a break from cycling but then again, when do I ever learn from my mistakes?! I'm sure I'll be biking again sometime soon! Happy Friday everyone!!!


Teenage Bride said...

Aww poor thing. I give you credit for your stamina I would have just cried and given up

Angie said...

Wow that's crazy, I'm sorry you flew over the handlebars! I haven't done that since I was a kid. You have so much inner determination, it's really amazing. I'm so lazy.

Christy said...

So sorry for the tumble. You rock, though, for even thinking about biking.

By the way, I laughed when I read this: "I only ran 11 miles total last week..." ONLY? Okay, I know you're all Ms. Marathon but still, 11 miles is nothing to sneeze at!

Vee said...

Don't give up on biking anytime soon! Just maybe go a shorter distance and bring some extra Gatorade! lol

But seriously, you are inspiring to so many! I can't wait to get back on the bike after I have this baby (that's stationary bike, of course, where I won't fly over the handlebars - OUCH!) Hope your wounds heal quickly!

Angie said...

I seriously would have said screw it and called someone to pick me up!! Very proud of you for continuing on and finishing!!!!