Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casey Up to Bat!!!

...this past Saturday, my good friend Beth and her fiance, Casey, came into town for his softball tournament. Due to the crazy weather we had on Friday night, his games got delayed 4 hours. After a quick bite to eat, we did what any friends would do that haven't seen each other...we watched the marathon of "America's Next Top Model"! Beth had gotten off work at midnight and woke up at 6am to get on the road so needless to say, she needed a little siesta.

Casey's game was supposed to start at 4pm but didn't end up starting until 4:45. He had the best cheering, Beth and Emma! When I arrived at the ballpark, Beth met me and we started walking towards the game. Of course, Emma felt the need to stop and potty. At the time, I was on the phone, holding Emma and carrying my lawnchair, water/bowl for Emma and a drink for myself. Emma decided to go #2 so I set the chair down to get the bag off the leash to clean up and wouldn't you know it, my chair falls smack into the middle of the poop!?! worries, quick fix and we were good to go.

Right at the start of the game, I lightly touched my sunglasses and those things cracked!?! Then about halfway through the game, this bird comes flying STRAIGHT AT BETH'S HEAD!?! It was insane! It was a nice, fun, relaxing way to spend some good quality time with Beth. After the game, she and I headed to The Cheesecake Factory where after 45 minutes of waiting, we found out there was ZERO wait outside (which it was really cool and not too humid). Grrr! We sat outside, was served fast and were in HEAVEN as we split a piece of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Cake Cheesecake. OMG!!! This just confirmed my love for peanut butter even more.

Here's Casey and Beth before his game:
Casey at the bat! Beth kept talking about that book and no one had any idea what she was talking about.
Thanks for coming to visit! Maybe next time you come, the bathroom will FINALLY be finished!


Teenage Bride said...

Sounds super fun ... well minus the minor mishaps lol.

I love Cheescake factory!!! Their red velvet cheescake is to die for.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Aside from the little mishaps it sounds like a wonderful time!

Slamdunk said...

Bird dive bombers can be annoying.

Not to be a nosey guy, but how did the tournament go? Did Casey's team win a few?

Simply Me said...

new follower!!

Angie said...

LOL love your mishap stories!! Ummm peanut butter cheesecake