Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Poor Emma...

...so this weekend, I needed to get a couple good long runs in. On Saturday, I headed up to work and set a PR for myself on the treadmill in a 5k...I was under a 10 minute mile!?! That's like crazy for me!!!

Sunday morning, Matt went to work and I had mentioned I might run up to his work to get my miles in. From our house to the nursery (for trees, not babies) is 5.1 miles. Well Sunday morning rolled around and I woke up and did.not.want.to.run. My sinuses have been bothering me. They aren't awful, just annoying. Like when I tilt my head back it hurts, my ears are bothering me as is my throat...I think part of it is because of all the swimming I've been doing for the triathlon (this Sunday!) plus the weather. Anyways, I decided, fine I'll do it...I had nothing else to do and I'd feel better when it was done, right? WRONG!

I took Emma with me to keep me company. This run turned into more of a run/walk where walking prevailed. I was just whiny and didn't want to do it so I let that attitude keep me down. Oh well...I got the miles in although I fought every single part of it.

Now on to Emma...she's a weird dog. I used to take those little sour cream or butter bowls to put water in it for her but she never drinks from it. I had taken a half frozen water bottle for myself on Sunday so I offered her to lick the bottom of the bottle but she refused. We went past the community college and I saw their giant pond so we cut through. I figured she'd for sure wade in, get a drink and be okay until we got to the nursery but nope, she didn't want anything to do with it. We kept on trucking and it was nice because I didn't hold her leash while we crossed the campus since no one was out. PLUS since Emma is so afraid of strangers, when she sees one, she runs straight to me so it's really a win-win situation.

We finally made it to the nursery and when we got there, without hesitation, she jumped in the pond there, cooling off and getting a big drink. For 10am on a Sunday morning, the nursery was actually very busy! They sell produce that they grow there on the land...onions, tomatoes, sweet corn (OMG-this stuff is seriously DELICIOUS), squash and a variety of other items. When I got there, Matt was like hop on the golf cart, we've got to pick some sunflowers. We rode to get the flowers and Emma ran along side us. When it slowed down, we left and put Emma in the back of the truck.

Matt and I dropped her off at home and went to do our grocery shopping. Funny thing...grocery shopping after running makes your purchase LOTS of liquid...we bought milk, chocolate milk (I'm loving this stuff lately), sparkling water, Gatorade, green tea, water...so it must have the opposite effect of shopping while hungry. We got home and started lunch when I noticed Emma was limping around. She fought me at first but as I got closer I saw this: Poor girl! She must have rubbed her paw raw from all the run/walking we did on the concrete. I felt awful and gave her lots of lovin' Sunday afternoon. Only to be interrupted by Jealous AKA Shadow. See, here he's like, "Come on...love me too!"
When we started lunch, we put Shadow in the backyard. He laid down in the cool rocks under a shade tree yet when I let him in that little stinker was panting like crazy. Ugh...he is such a drama queen!


Jennelle said...

Poor pup! And can I just say, I love the (for trees, not babies) clarification? :) Cracks me up every time!

Charlotte said...

poor thing!! SEE!! we (the pups and Myself) just weren't meant to be in shape ; )

Amanda said...

AH, what a little baby! Poor thing! I feel sorry for her little paw. Our dog hates going outside at all. We let her out for a little while and next thing you know, she's back at the door panting up a storm like she's been running. Brat!

Stephany said...

Poor Emma! I always worry this is going to happen to my dog when we go for a walk, especially since his paws are very small!

They do have little sneakers for dogs, haha. You should check those out!!

d.a.r. said...

Aww poor thing!!! Let her run in the grass next time!