Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's the Dill Pickle???

...during Matt's man-cation, his friend gave him like 5 or 6 GIANT cucumbers! I swear sometimes I think Matt finds the most random things to bring home and then its like a challenge. Try to find some way to use them before it goes bad. The one bad thing though is the things he's brought home or we've grown lately (jalapenos and cucumbers), I do NOT like and Matt gets tired of the same thing very easily so variety is what I have to find.

So Sunday afternoon, I find this recipe to make my own dill pickles. Luckily, I had everything on hand, yes including dill, so I was good to. While I brought the mix and vinegar to a boil, I was busy slicing up the cucumbers and putting them in jars.
I felt like there was WAY to much dill in this recipe and when I went to pour it into the bottles, holy dill burning my nostrils!!! It was kind of crazy. Here's the finished product cooling waiting to go in the fridge.
I didn't use actual canning jars. I used an old Ragu and Frappacino jar with pop tops. Matt and I accidentally learned we could do that one time when we made homemade applesauce!

I also made my own version of this recipe but I used a lemonade-ish sports drink thing so I don't think it had quite the same effect. FYI-its still sitting full in the fridge.

Matt and I tried the pickles on Wednesday and they weren't too bad, maybe a little vinegary. Matt liked them so much that he's now on the search for more cucumbers so I can make more and then we'll can them to eat over winter!


Jen said...

I drove by 2 road stands yesterday at Harvester and Old 94 that had Pickling Cucumbers - they seemed to have a ton of them too. I was actually going to stop on the way home - we had friends that gifted us bread & butter pickles that were amazing - it was an Alton Brown recipie.

Amanda said...

I call that getting a "bee in your bonnet" and Kelsey my hub does that ALL the time. It's like suddenly he'll discover something is delicious and then he'll go on a mad search for it for weeks.

Angie said...

Ok remember how we were discussing how your hubs and my hubs were the same person? Well this seals the deal. matt is so completely obsessed with pickles it's not even funny. He has been since he was little. One time when he was like 6 his teacher asked him what his favorite thing in life was and he said "My grandpa and pickles".

Faith said...

I've wanted to make this recipe for awhile. I just haven't been able to grow cucumbers!

Adie said...

Um - YUM!!! Love pickles. I also love cucumbers though so I would have made some salads. My friends husband makes spicy pickels. I wonder if you could use some of your jalapenos to do that?