Saturday, June 21, 2014

AR's Busy Social Calendar!!!

...I swear my child has more social engagements than I ever have. Of course, part of it is that her momma can't say no to anything. Not sure if I've mentioned it but my mom is renting an apartment this summer and watching AR three days/week. This is awesome because she's taking her to swim and library class as well as swimming at the pool in her apartment complex and taking her to all kinds of fun things...and I might add that I cook dinner maybe three nights a week which is a #winning for me!

Swim class is two days/week at my work although next month it'll be three because she's doing private lessons. Before you start judging me and saying that I'm "over-programming" her, I'll let you know that the swim class is more a social thing because they really aren't in the water that much. She's learning to sit on the edge of the wall, wait for other kids, and participate without me (this isn't a parent/child class and she's the youngest by a year). Sure she gets in the water and does swimming stuff but in four classes, it's probably the same as what she does in one 30 minute private lesson. So for July, we're going to do both so she'll work on social skills and swim skills. Anyways, it's awesome for me too because I get to see my girl two times a week while I'm at work-score! I love having her come eat a snack at my desk and walking her to swim lessons.

My mom is just like me, err I'm just like her, because she's constantly on the lookout for something fun and different to do with her. On Friday, she dressed up like a princess and went to Sleeping Beauty that one of the local high school's was putting on. Here's my princess:

I honestly thought that we were too young for Frozen and all this princess stuff but apparently I was wrong. We borrowed this dress from my boss' daughters. I know, I should just break down and buy her one of her own. I mean if we're doing this at two, I'm sure we have a lot of years ahead of us in these dresses.

My mom said she enjoyed the play until the witch came out and stomped her cane on the stage. Then AR looked at her and said, "Nanny, let's go home." As you can tell from this pic, she was a little unsure of this fairy with birds on her hand. At the end of the play, my mom asked her if she wanted her picture taken with Sleeping Beauty but the witch was standing with her so AR refused. I hope she isn't traumatized!

This morning, after a quick oil change because my light came on which apparently is really bad, we headed out to Zachary's Playground for a Playdate for You All sponsored by Leaps and Bounds. They are a pediatric therapy center. I've been to a ton of their trainings when I was working with the preschool at work and I took AR for a speech assessment when I was stressing about her not talking yet.

We went to the one they had last month at Brendan's Playground and she had a blast so we decided to go again. Working with so many children with disabilities, I think it's important for her to know from an early age how we can include everyone in our play. Zachary's Playground has a spray pad so as soon as we arrived, we changed into our suit.

Surprisingly though, she wanted to play more on the playground than the spray pad. I was shocked especially since it was so hot.

Of course we had to climb!

This was a cool Jenga-like game made out of sticks, balls, and a tomato cage. I totally want to do this at our end of summer Olympics.

She got snocones and here's a pic of most of the kids that were in attendance, some wouldn't leave the fun to have their picture taken!

Mmm...just chillin' with my "pink" snocone.

After our playdate, we headed home and got ready for Beau's birthday party. He goes to the sitter with her. His grandma & aunt make all of AR's custom shirts. They live in Texas and we FINALLY got to meet them in person. There was also a girl I used to work with there...what a small world. As usual, the water table was the hit of the party and we couldn't hardly get the kids away from it.

By the time we got home from the birthday party, it was late in the day and I knew there was no way she'd lay down for a nap. So instead she got to watch Froze and she was one happy little girl!

Now, Momma has to go rest up because we've got a busy day tomorrow filled with #cakehunting and more swimming!

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Joanna Daniel said...

I love all your pictures with AR. She's such a cutie & I just want to squeeze her!! It's good that she's getting out & doing all that she is. I think it'll help her transition to a time when she's in preschool & there are lots of other kids that she has to get along with.