Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hospital Hill 5k...

...After swimming in the pool, watching some "Froze" in the hotel room, and filling our bellies with food that was delivered by a train, AR and I met Candace and Liam again for the Hospital Hill 5k.

This year, they moved the race to Friday night and allowed strollers. I had contemplated running the 10k until I found out about the move to Friday night. Since its just AR and I and she doesn't "know" anyone there, it's really hard to find someone to watch her at 6am on Saturday morning. This actually worked out great for us and we had a really good time! Here we are waiting to head to the race line.

It was nice to walk with Candace and talk as we did. The kids were entertained in their strollers so we could actually focus and chat, not be crawled, walked, drooled over while telling them to share, be nice, stop running, it's just a dog-don't be scared. Candace has a Great Dane and AR didn't believe me he was a dog. When he laid down, he also took up the entire hallway and AR had no clue how to get around him. Anyways, at mile 2, I pulled her out of the stroller and we snapped a pic.

After the race, AR was all about "Iam, Iam, Iam!" and this is how post-race was spent...

...or she was running around and dancing like a madwoman!

I'm not quite sure Liam shared AR's excitement...

Me and my girl with our medal, we conquered the hill!

All four of us! We asked someone else to take our pic and he totally cut out the kids!

AR's gymnastics place is doing a Handstand Contest. You're supposed to take pics throughout the summer doing a handstand. This was AR's first handstand in front of the fountains at Crown Plaza.

We headed back to the hotel and snapped this selfie with our medal. Hey, we were proud of ourselves!

Another Hospital Hill Run in the books!

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Jennifer Cowan said...

I will do HH again! Boom! Looks like ya'll had fun!