Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 8...

...Before Dez's big party last weekend, AR and I went on a cakehunt. First, we stopped and visited with Q, my bestie from college, and her family then we set off to find more from the STL 250 list. We knocked out four which isn't too bad.

Cake #114-St. Ferdinand Shrine
I knew where this one was because Q had her 30th birthday party here. My child refused to be in this picture so you get me again.

Cake #115-Taille de Noyer
This one was in a locked fence and my Note doesn't zoom so this is the best I got.

Cake #116-Ferguson Transportation Depot
Love the location and scenery with this one!

Cake #117-Creve Coeur Lake
This took a bit to find but we found it! AR took her shoes off in the car but of course, she was all about it once we got to the cake. It took me awhile to get her to look at the camera because she kept pointing and saying, "Dog, dog, dog!" to every dog that passed by! But hey, the end results was total America's Next Top Model, was it not?

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