Thursday, June 5, 2014

Phone Photo Dump...

...My phone doesn't take great pictures but it does capture precious memories. Here are just a few that I've taken in the last month.

Me and my girl early one weekend morning after taking care of our doggies.

She's a hambone!

A few weekends ago, the three of us grabbed Chick-Fil-A and ate at this pond. Apparently the fish in this pond weren't fans of CFA fries.

We went to the Kid Expo with Jenni and Emma. AR rode her first pony and loved it!

On Mother's Day, we went to Home Depot and picked out flowers to play at her Grandma's.

Nanny requested a photo of us on Mother's Day. This was before bathtime. She looks exactly like my cousin in this picture, it's uncanny! Side note: Does anyone use the word uncanny any more?

The night before AR's birthday, my mom, her and I went to El Maguey for dinner. They gave her a sombrero to wear, sang to her, and she ate flan. She thought it was pretty awesome!

Here she is sitting not very ladylike in the doctor's office before her two year check-up.

Memorial Day weekend, we played in the front yard with our water table. A little mix and match swim suit going on and of course, our Minnie flip flops.

Don't mind the Goldfish in her mouth. She's really digging her sunglasses this year which is exciting!

And this was last Friday night. My child in her Nike sandals, a diaper, her helmet running on the sidewalk in the rain! #summertime #toddlerlife #lovemyAR


Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Those pictures are precious! They always say the best camera is the one you have with you, as it allows you to capture those moments. These are great moments! :)

Julie said...


Slamdunk said...

No, I can't remember the last time I used uncanny. Fun photos--the last one is how we should all seek to spend a Friday night. Ok, I am maybe a bit too old to follow that advice.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jenni Brink said...

Lol, the helmet one kills me. Was it on in case she slipped playing in the rain? Or just because?