Friday, June 13, 2014

Frozen: Movie in the Park!!!

...Tonight my mom and I took AR to see Frozen at Chesterfield Amphitheater.

The movie didn't start until dark (8:30pm) but the festivities began at six. We arrived at 5:30 to stake our spot. Good thing we did because we got an awesome parking spot directly across the street from the amphitheater and pretty good seating for the movie too.

It was finally not a rainy day so we had a good time running around and playing with the ball. AR insisted on wearing her sunglasses since both Mommy and Nanny were too.

They had a giant snowglobe that you were supposed to be able to get in and have your picture taken. It was a total fiasco. They were there and set up when we arrived. At six they told people to get in line so it immediately filled up. We were like fourth in line and had to wait 20 minutes because they couldn't get their camera to work or something. OMG-it was nuts! But AR made a friend...

And she met Queen Elsa!!!

After that, we headed back to our blankets where we ate our picnic lunch that we'd brought. It was all of AR's favorites: PBJ, crackers, Cheez-Its, Oreos, grapes, turkey!

Luckily there was a handrail by us so my monkey was entertained!

Oh and she also climbed on Nanny too to pass the time!

Our friend from line found us again (her sister) and the two enjoyed dancing to Disney songs.

And AR enjoyed jumping off this like she does at swim lessons!

Right before show time, we found Princess Anna!!! Don't mind that my child doesn't have on shoes. :-/

We ran into the event coordinators who are former co-workers. It was nice to see them and catch up.

Me and my girl...with a mouthful of Oreos

No comment...

It finally got dark and the movie started...

She spent the majority of the movie in her lawn chair until Nanny and I were so cold that we made her lay between us for body heat.

She sat still the entire movie even though it didn't end until 10:30pm. She was so good! However, once the credits started, she began crying and sobbing, "I wanna watch Froze!" which is what she does every time at the end. I can't help but laugh when she does it! She was zonked out before we crossed the bridge to get home. Couple of observations...1. I realized I've heard the movie more than I've seen it so I kept saying, I don't remember that happening! 2. I think I watched her more than the movie because her singing and reactions were priceless. The best though was when she'd lean over in her chair, put her arms around my neck, and say "Hi Mommy." #lovemyAR


Cecilia said...

What a fun night! I love outdoor movies. I completely understand about listening to movies vs. seeing them. Lol.

Julie said...

My dad took my niece there last night. The pictures were neat and she was showing me her globe that the picture was in.

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Goodness, that is so precious! She is adorable.