Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 9...

Cake #119-The Lodge Des Peres
Got this one on the way to a playdate. My child misses nothing including the water slide behind me and cried because she wanted to swim! Luckily, I told her we were going to a party so she was okay with that.

Cake #120-Left Bank Book
Nanny and AR got this one.

Cake #121-Daniel Boone Home
The Boone Home is run by LU, particularly the department I work with so I get emails about this place all the time. Apparently the staff here hates their cake and thinks it's really ugly and doesn't fit the setting at all. When I was there, AR told the staff person "This is my Mommy." I started talking to him and turns he's the former dean of the department I teach in! Small world...

Cake #122-Mount Pleasant Winery
Another one that's located inside and they have to be open. We got there about 15 minutes before they opened but the guy let us in! There was a wedding rehearsal so I told AR about how her Daddy and I got married at a winery. 

Cake #123-Washington Historical Society
Don't mind my thumb in the pic, it was really bright and I couldn't see the screen. I wasn't planning on getting this but I was taking the backway to my sis' from the winery. When I saw town limit Washington, I had to re-route and get that cake!

Cake #124-Eugene Field House
This was the one that's locked up inside. My sis went to a day game and got it!

Cake #125-Emmis Communications
My sis went #cakehunting with some other friends and knocked out 8 before a Cards game! Yah for Sha in all the pics!

Cake #126 TOKY/Locust Street Business District

Cake #127 St. Louis Post Dispatch

Cake #128 Shrine of St. Joseph

Cake #129 Lammert Building

Cake #130 America's Center

Cake #131 Wainright Building
Photo of the cake only and you had to go through a metal detector!

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