Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LEGOLAND Discovery Center KC...

...Friday morning we hit up LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The sculptures they had were so amazing! However, I think it was totally lost on our young kiddos but they still had fun.

My cheeseball with the Lego Lady.

There were two "rides" inside. This one was kind of cool. You ride and have to shoot at the bad guys. Definitely not something I'd let her do on a regular basis but for one ride, she loved it...although she had no idea what to do with the shooter.

The other ride, we stood in line and I didn't even notice the "height sign." I was talking it up to her as we were the first person in line standing directly by the attendant who didn't say a word. Well, not until it was time to board and then she looked at AR and said, "I don't think she's tall enough." This was after I'd bought a pair of socks for her to go in the "soft play" area only to find out she was too short for that too. So yeah, #momfail and total meltdown ensued.

They had an entire room that was a replica of KC. Here's Arrowhead Stadium.

We should've stayed in this area the entire time. It was the perfect size and activities for AR. Tons of cool Lego animals, a slide, and a Lego "pit."

They had random legos in things like this throughout. Here's Candace's boys and AR. OMG-AR is obsessed with Liam (the baby). If we weren't with him, it was tears and "I wanna see Iam..." and if we were with him, it was forehead to forehead, "Hi Iam" or if he wasn't paying attention, "Iam, Iam, Iam!"

One room was all things Star Wars. We don't watch Star Wars at our house so AR (and me) had no idea what was going on. This might be one of those things that we "have" to watch when she's older just so she knows what people are talking about.

Colin (he's 4) had a great time. AR had a pretty good time but was bummed on some of the stuff she couldn't do. I'd recommend this place if you had an older kid and be sure to watch Star Wars before you go!

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Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm an adult and *I* wanna go play there.