Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kickaroo Class...

...So we started taking soccer class at Vetta. She pretty much loves any part of the class...that doesn't involve the soccer ball. However, at the beginning of class, it's kind of free play, dribble around which she really enjoys. Check out this pic, she looks like she really knows what she's doing!

This is Coach Corey. He is a VERY patient man.

See my child would much prefer to sit or lay on the ball then actually dribble or kick it.

The class starts off with stretching which of course AR loves. Check out that smile on her face.

Touch your toes!

Now run to the big white wall with your dot on your head. Normally they don't carry their dots to the big white wall but AR wanted to put her dot on her head so Coach Corey let them all do it.

It's really hard to not get frustrated with her when she flat out refuses to do the game we're playing. Apparently she has a huge aversion to Red Light/Green Light and I have no clue why! I try to play the game with her, help her with it, point out that the other kids are doing it, but when she just sits down and throws a fit. I try to *calmly* tell her she can either play the game or go sit on the wall. Three out of four times, she'll pick the wall. I mean, look, wouldn't you?

I finally got her to come back over and this is where she chose to sit.

Then we played a game with cones which she participated in...until she realized she could wear it on her head like a hat.

Or just pick up the cone and yell into it for a cool effect. Did I mention that Coach Corey has great patience?

At the end of each class, Coach Corey throws the rings and the kids run and get them. They bring them back and put them around his neck. All the kids love this part of class!

Then they all put their hands in and say "I love soccer!" AR is a huge fan of this thanks to Super Why.

Then Coach Corey gives them all stamps which AR thinks is thumbs up!

We've only got a few classes left. Our summer is so busy with library, swimming, and gymnastics so I think we'll take a break from soccer and maybe try it again this winter when it's too cold to be outside. Happy kicking!


Julie said...

I love that kickeroo program, its so cute to watch them run around - whether its with a ball or not!

Jenni Brink said...

Awww, great post!

Slamdunk said...

What fun! I am sure she will be all over the field dribbling in no time.

Elementary daughter here is happy as she was selected for her first venture into club soccer. We have been doing it for a few years now with older boy, and it appears we will have lots more travel fun in the future.