Monday, June 23, 2014

Cakeway to the West: Part 10!!!

...More #cakehunting yesterday! We found 15 cakes in total bringing us to 146. We were hoping to hit the 150 mark and have less than a hundred to go but we had a toddler in the back that we'd promised we'd go swimming so we had to call it a day at 146. It was just my sis, AR, and me, let me tell you, it's much easier when H is with us. We missed her today while she was eating "food" with Papa. Most of these pics are people-less since we didn't have our model with us. Our goal today was to make a giant loop and try to hit up some of the cakes we'd missed in areas that we'd already been to.

Cake #132-Barrett's School

Cake #133-Webster Opera

Cake #134-Compton Water Tower
My sis dropped me off and I had to walk about a block to get to the cake. I could tell they'd moved because suddenly my tablet told me I was connected to her wifi.

Cake #135-Cardinal Glennon Hospital
We have decided that having a cake at the emergency entrance is not a good idea. I mean cake is no emergency!

Cake #136-Lafayette Park
The banner in the background says Happy Birthday St. Louis!

Cake #137-Cathedral Basilica of STL
Jesus is on this one!

Cake #138-Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. Louis

Cake #139-Fairgrounds Park

Cake #140-Grand Avenue Water Tower
Seriously? This one was in the middle of a roundabout with no place to walk across so I'm hanging over my sis to get the pic and praying that we don't get hit...or shot.

Cake #141-Bellafontaine Cemetery

Cake #142-Mathews Dickey Boys and Girls Club
AR told us she wanted out here so after we snapped a cake pic, did a handstand, watched some guys mow, she ran laps back and forth across their tennis court.

Cake #143-Chuck-a-Burger
This place was delish and kids eat free on Sundays! Our waitress told them they'd gotten a lot of business from their cake.

Cake #144-Holocaust Museum
AR was having a slight meltdown here so I'm one handed taking this pic while my other hand is holding hers.

Cake #145-YMCA of Greater St. Louis
Another inside cake and I felt like a creeper for taking a pic with people swimming in the pool!

Cake #146-Frank Lloyd Wright House
We were cakeblocked here! Fellow cakehunters blocked the entrance so we had to go into a creepy parking lot, turn around, and park on the side of the road.

We still have at least four major places to hit-Forest Park, Soulard, Illinois, and East St. Louis. I think we're going to wait until all the cakes are placed before we hit up the East side so we only have to make one trip there. We have a few random ones as well so hopefully we'll be under hundred soon!


Julie said...

Had you never had Chuck A Burger before? The owners are family friends :)

Cecilia said...

I LOVE Chuck-a-Burger. They have good....well, everything. Lol.
We saw the cake at Lone Elk, but the boys had no desire to stop.
Keep up the great work!

Liz R said...

When you make it to IL let me know and maybe we could get lunch!!

Slamdunk said...

I think after 146, that toddler of yours has earned some serious cannonballing time.