Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium...

...Saturday morning we woke up to rain pouring down. We had to adjust our game plan but no worries, we still had an adventure. First stop, Sea Life Kansas City Aquarium. AR loved this place! She was literally running from tank to tank screaming "Fishies!" Either that or she'd join another family and follow them around. Here was a pretty cool lobster.

They had a touch tank. AR loved touching the starfish but see that prickly thing in the upper left. She touched that and was done.

"Fishies, Momney, fishies!"


Check this thing out, it's a giant CRAB! It's seriously bigger than me I think.

They also had a soft play area that AR was too small for but they had this fossil dig that she thought was cool.

They gave you a trivia sheet at the beginning of your visit. You answer questions and at the end, you get a "prize" which happened to be a medal. It was a medal weekend for us ladies!

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Joanna Daniel said...

Looks like fun! I had no idea KC had an aquarium place.