Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chesterfield Aquatic Center...

...The professional organization I'm a part of always sells Splash Passes as a fundraiser every summer. It's $40 for two passes to at like 10-15 different pools around St. Louis and I think there's a couple in Kansas City you can use it with too. Most pools are free for two and under so that means we get to visit each pool twice since it's usually just AR and me.

It's a pretty sweet deal and I know next year when I have to start paying for AR, we'll definitely get our money's worth out of it! My goal is to try to use at least one pass every week. It might be my mom or babysitter that takes her but someone to use it. I'll try to post about each pool we visit so you can get a tour of the pools around STL. Pictures won't be great since they'll probably just be on my phone but I'll try to snap a few at each location.

This past Saturday, we visited Chesterfield Aquatic Center. It would have cost us $7 (non-resident adult) if we didn't have the Splash Pass. It's right next to the mall and very easy to access. There's also a great playground next to it so you could've had a picnic and made a whole day of it.

We arrived right at ten when they opened which was the perfect time. About an hour later and the older kids started flocking in and it was getting a lot busier. As it was, there were mainly just kids AR's age and a little older.

They had a spray pad that was huge and little mini chairs that I could sit in and watch her while getting a tan. There was also a large umbrella that covered a little less than half the spray pad so it was great to keep the youngin's out of the sun.

Then there was this huge zero entry area. AR loved the green slide in the background. It was easy for her to get up the steps and down and the water didn't spray in her face too much. The hardest thing was getting her to get out because she wanted to just chill in the water at the bottom of the slide. I'm going to brag, she did a wonderful job waiting until the kid before her was out of the way before she went down.

BE WARNED! There is a giant bucket that fills with water (just out of the picture in this) and it tips over and sprays the backside. Yeah, I didn't notice it and neither did AR. Not two minutes we were in the pool and she was directly in the back where it lands and a TON of water dumped on her. Luckily, she didn't mind and actually was trying to get in it EVERY time.

There's also a slide on this feature for kids bigger than AR but too little for a regular water slide. It was a great depth, like two and a half feet, for her to jump in to me so we did that for awhile too.

Of course, we had to take a snack break and eat giant handfuls of blueberries!

There was also a lazy river that they provide inner tubes for you to float in. AR and I went together, she sat on the tube and I held her while we went through the water sprays. I think there were also two diving boards and two big slides for older kids. There was a women's, men's, and family locker room there so that was a bonus. Of course, my kid loves being in the locker room and yelling so she can hear herself echo.
Chesterfield Aquatic Center=five out of five fins from the A Squared Ladies

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Cecilia said...

What a deal! I can't wait to see the reviews for the others. We live very close to the local pool, so we got a family pass for the summer. Even the big kids love it even though it's geared for smaller kiddos. There's no pool for laps or diving or anything.