Monday, June 2, 2014

So I wrote a book AND published it!!!

...Remember when I did this post and told you that I was attempting to write a book? Well, I did it! I wrote a book, I went through the grueling process of editing and critiquing, and I officially published it for the world to read! I'm still working on the paperback copies but it available for Nook and Kindle right now.

First off before I tell you about the book and your chance to win a copy for yourself, I want to give a shoutout to the awesome Melissa Keir for helping me with the formatting process and being an amazing friend and mentor. I also want to mention Katerina Baker a fellow indie author who went chapter by chapter, page by page, and word by word and helped me to the finished product. As soon as I sent her the published copy, she jumped on board helping me promote, promote, promote. To both of these women, I am so very thankful!

Now on to Love is a Fire, shall we? First off, it is available on Barnes & Noble and Kindle and you want to be sure to add it to your bookshelf on Goodreads, too. It is a quick easy read so perfect for your days at the pool or while your kiddos nap and you just enjoy some "mommy" time. I decided to use a pen name: Lyssa Layne.

Now that my book is published, you'd think the hard part was over? Ha-hardly! Now it's promote, promote, promote! So you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or my OTHER blog for updates on my writing and what happens after "The End." So on to the summary:

“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn your house down, you can never tell.” -Joan Crawford

Dr. Katy Malone has sworn off love after losing those she loves most in her life including her father, a member of the FDNY. She has decided to spend her time focusing on her medical research. Her ex-fiancée, and fellow doctor, isn't ready to give up on loving her though.

Firefighter Nick Garrity is on a search for the future Mrs. Garrity. As he pushes thirty, with no prospects in sight, he's afraid he'll never find her. A devoted member of FDNY, he loves the thrill of his job and the satisfaction it brings him. He strives to teach the proby firefighter, Patrick Doyle, the ropes and pass on his passion to him.

When Doyle tries to impress the guys on the crew, he ends up in the care of Dr. Katy Malone. One look at Dr. Malone and Nick knows he's found his future wife but can he convince her to love again?

As I stated before, I'm not looking to make a day job out of this. I write because I enjoy it and I want to share my writing with others. My goal is simply to recoup the costs of what it cost to publish the book but more importantly to have readers fall in love with my characters the way I did. So I wanted to give you the opportunity to win a copy of the book and meet my characters! The contest will close this Friday, June 7 at midnight.

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I am planning on doing a blog tour later this summer. If you are interested in participating, please let me know. Also, please leave me questions that you have for Nick, Katy, Jeremiah, Jesse, Murph or any other characters so that I can put together some character interviews. I hope you enjoy the book. Happy reading!!!


RJ said...

Wow! Sounds like it would be a fascinating read this summer... said...

How awesome :) Congrats, Alyssa!!

COME ON BABY said...

Holy cow AWESOME!! I've missed a lot by not blogging :( Congratulations!! XOXOX

Sara McCarty said...

Are you serious? You wrote a novel?! I'm dying! That is so amazing! I'll definitely have to check it out. So awesome, A! Where ever do you find time to do all this amazing stuff?!

Julie said...

It's ready to be read, can't wait!

Jenni Brink said...

Such a great book too! I'm still thinking about it two days after finishing it!

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Oh my gosh, I just bought the book! I can't wait to read it!!! :)

kjm said...

Sounds like a fun read! Congratulations!