Monday, September 27, 2010

I Saved Three Lives!!!

...First off, don't forget about my giveaway!!! You have until September 30 to get your chance for 1 of the 3 PRIZES!!! Now a WARNING before I get to the point of this blog post: pictures contain blood but in a nice, not gory way. There's your warning so no ewww comments, got it?

This past Saturday I saved three lives by donating blood! It was my first time in my whole life to donate blood. It had always kind of freaked me out and gave me the eebie jeebies but I've had so much blood drawn lately that I was much calmer about it. Let me start off by saying that the reason I decided to donate was to find out my blood type. Lame, I know, right? But I figure if I needed to know my blood type doesn't it make more sense to have someone benefit from it rather than just having my blood drawn and it going to waste?

Anyways, the most painful part was the prick on my finger to see how my iron level was. Luckily, the donut and chocolate milk I'd had for breakfast helped because iron level was great. The nurse that did everything was super friendly and nice. She told me an interesting fact. My veins were dehydrated so I had to drink a bottle of water so that she could find a vein. Good to know for future visits including blood draws, drink lots of water but not cold water, just room temperature. Cold water makes your veins constrict. Luckily, once she inserted the needle, my blood flowed pretty freely. That's a molar stress ball thingy that I'm squeezing.
Here is the blood I donated to help three people out!
Honestly, I must say I did feel pretty great (minus the whole purple lips afterwards) about myself knowing I helped three strangers out by just giving of myself. Would I donate blood again? I'll let this picture answer the question!

Love that turquoise bandage I picked out!!! So next time you see a sign for a blood drive, don't be scared...go donate because I did!!!
Side note: Happy 13th wedding anniversary to my sister and BIL!


Slamdunk said...

Hey, good for you! There is certainly always a need for brave donors.

After a few failed attempts, I finally figured out that it is best for me to workout before donating; because failing to no fun at all.

lola said...

That's awesome! The nurses had a really hard time finding my veins a couple of months ago, so I'm really terrified to give blood. I might have to give it another shot though!

Teenage Bride said...

I actaully don't weigh enough to donate blood. Congrats to being so helpful though!!!! It is always nice to be able help those in need.

Jen said...

Whoo hoo! I can't donate blood, I'm absolutely terrified of needles. I still had the scar on my hand from the IV they put in my hand in April when I got my gallbladder taken out. I cried and cried when I got the needle. It was the worst part of the surgery...but I applaud anyone who donates - if I wasn't so scared, I'd totally do it!

Stephany said...

I've never donated blood and I'm so scared to! I definitely want to someday and everytime I drive by a Bloodmobile, I know I should. But the finger prick scares me!

But...I would really love to know my iron level AND blood type. So I should. Even if it's just for that, hehe.