Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits...

...some tidbits...

*Used a new hairdresser on Saturday and I LOVE HER!!! She was fast, personable and I loved my hair when I left. My only complaint is that I left with a bloodshot eye because she got shampoo in my hair-holy crap that hurt!

*Sunday I was supposed to run with Ang, bike with Aimee then run again with my friend Matt B. but the crazy rain, thunder, lightning cancelled all that!

*Matt and I went to dinner last night with Amy and Chris at Trailhead. It was great to get together with them and I have to email her to set up dinner for next month sometime! She's such a sweetheart because she brought me a "happy bag" filled with all sorts of goodies. She's trying to get my hooked on Lush Lip Scrub and from just the smell of it, I think it's going to work! It's great to have good friends like these two.

*I have a lot of people coming to our house for the first time in the next couple weeks which totally stresses me out! I am always comparing our house to other people's and in my mind, ours never measures up...our house is old, not decorated enough, small and I think sometimes it smells funny. It's seriously all I can think about though!!! So if you're one that's coming over, don't be hurt if I make the tour a quick one, ok?

*My mom is coming up this weekend and we're going to see Shrek with Jess and her mom. Best part? Well aside from great company and going to the Fox...we're having dinner at the Fountain!!!

*I finally got Google Analytics connected. It's actually quite funny some of the info it brings up and scary some of the other stuff. Anyways, its been nice because I've gone back through and edited posts to take out my email and stuff like and our last name but it's still coming up in Google search even after I delete it...any idea how to change that?

*Another shout out for help! We have a point and shoot Pentax camera with 8 megapixels. The thing took great pics until Labor Day weekend then all my pics after that have been really grainy. Think I changed a setting or something? If so, what should I check? We got it in December 2007 and it's been through A LOT so it might just be on it's last leg. Some of the other functions on the camera aren't working that great. It'll be interesting to see how they print out. Any help/advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated!

*This week is just crazy busy in general. Period. The End. I love it!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

New, good hairdressers are the best! You are busy, busy but still all sounds fun.

Teenage Bride said...

i got a new hairdresser too. Now I look like mailbu barbie.... haha

Stephany said...

My camera is all messed up, too. I did something to the settings and now it won't go back to normal! I've had it since 2006 so I figure it's probably time for a new one anyway.

Vee said...

LOL, I am the same way about people coming over my house. It feels like no matter what I do to clean/decorate, it never meets the standards I have in my head!

But yay for a new hairdresser! =]

Mrs. Fabulous said...

You've been busy!

I LOVE Analytics! My favorite is finding out what people google and then get to your blog. The other day someone found my blog from googling "How to sell a pool table on Craigslist". Funny since I've NEVER blogged about that!! :)

If you need camera help, Dan would be able to look at your camera. Just let me know and we can meet up somewhere or you can come over to the house. We're not far away! :)

A said...

I had such a good time too! Chris really enjoyed meeting Matt and has commented several times today that we really need to do it again soon! :)