Monday, September 6, 2010

Where IS my home???

...over Labor Day I headed down to Cape to visit the parentals. When everyone kept asking me where I was going, I responded with, "Oh I'm going home for the weekend." Then once I got there, everyone kept asking when I was headed back and I'd respond, "I'm heading home late Sunday afternoon." SO then I started thinking...where IS my home?

Is home where I grew up and lived for 21 years, where I made a million memories-both good and bad? Or is home the place where I make a monthly house payment and stress because there's water leaking in the basement? Either way..."home" in Cape was a good time this weekend.

Friday I went straight to the nursing home to visit my grandma. We had a nice visit and the owners of the nursing home came in and visited with her too. Made me feel good knowing that she's in a good hands. Hopefully she'll be home in just a few weeks.

After our visit, I went to dinner at Outback with my dad and Sally. It was nice visiting to catch up with them. Butchie was supposed to go to NC this past week for a guys golf trip but ended up staying home to take care of grandma. Good thing because I think Earl chased his friends home earlier than they expected.

Early Saturday morning, I went to the Osage Trail to meet my second grade teacher, Mrs. Robert to run 4 miles. My mom rode her bike and she did an excellent job getting in 9 miles! Me on the other hand...not so excellent. We started off good and then I got massive shin splint from hell! We walked and I tried stretching, we did a little running then walking. On the way back, my entire outer calf/shin all the way down to my foot was numb. This run/walk totally is freaking me out about the full. My first three runs this past week were awesome, fabulous, fantastic. Then on Thursday I started having shin pain, took Friday as a rest day then holy hell-my leg is numb!?! Not cool!!! I know I should take time off to rest it but at the same time we're less than a month from the marathon so I don't really feel like I should be slacking...ugh...oh well, worry about it later.

So after we got back to my mom's, I took a jacuzzi bath-ahhh!!! First bath in forever and it felt awesome not to mention my legs are oh so smooth. I got out and was just about to relax when David called and said my mom must have left her bike rack screws on the back of the truck, he had part of it but the two screws were missing. So my mom and I went in our fresh-out-of-the-shower outfits and crazy hair to search for them. I FOUND ONE!!! Woohoo!! Winner winner chicken dinner! My momma was so proud of me. Here's a pic of her with her crazy hair and the one screw we found, she was trying out WEN if anyone knows what that is:
And here's me after the scavenger hunt. Chilling in my pjs, hair in a towel, cookie for breakfast, carton of chocolate milk, icing my calf with frozen berries and catching up on blogs...ahhh, what a relaxing morning!So...where do you all call home???


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I call my parent's house "home" and my house "home" too, lol! Glad you had a good weekend, hope your shin gets better.

Christy said...

Totally understand the "home" question. I grew up in Georgia, lived there for 35 years, parents are still there - that is home. But when I moved to Michigan five years ago, people assumed I considered this home.

I'm not explaining myself well - chalk it up to vacation brain!

All that to say it's definitely an odd feeling.

Vee said...

I also still refer to my parents house as 'home' and I haven't lived there in 10 years! But home is where my family is, for sure!

Stephany said...

LOL, this is pretty hilarious. ;) I think I'll probably always consider my mom's house as home, even when I'm not living there. Anywhere my mom is, IS home! Hehe.

Angie said...

I'm the same way - my parents house is home, St. Joe was home, Berkeley was home, Arnold is becoming home....I have lots of homes. Maybe home is where the dog is? LOL

Beccabooxoxo said...

To me home is wherever your heart is. When I finally move out my mom's house is going to still be my home too, and then my place I live, will be my home because my heart is there in both places!

Krystie said...

I have "3" homes. I grew up In Northern California, so that's home number one. My second home is where my mom and grandma are. My grandma has had this house since before my mom was born and it's always been a place I spent my summers. So I consider that my "family" home and then of course mine and C's actual "home"

Love the picture!

Faith said...

I call my house home and my parent's house home. I do hate the where are you from questions in regards to "home." I've lived so many places it's always hard to answer.