Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Recipe... Labor Day is this weekend. Woohoo!!! A three day weekend! I'll be spending my time in Cape going to bridal showers, visiting with my family and helping my poppa practice for his first ever 5k walk/run next weekend! I'm so excited that he's doing this with me. He's been saying for years that he'll run one and he's finally started practicing and agreed to do the Chad's Coalition Race with Runner's 4 Luke next Sunday, September 12 at Tower Grove Park. If you want to join us, please do! The more the merrier and they have something for EVERYONE...runners, walkers, puppies. I plan on walking with my dad so you all are welcome to join Butchie and I.

Okay, so I'm way off topic now. The whole point of this post was to give you an EASY recipe for something new and different to take to your Labor Day parties this weekend. There's not really a name for them so we'll just call them...French Onion Stuffed Green Peppers or Yummy by Alyssa for short. Here is a picture and I promise although the photo quality isn't great, they are delicious!My parents used to make these all the time when I was growing up and I refused to eat them because of the word "pepper." As I got older and braver, like 3 years ago, I realized I LOVE bell peppers. So here's the recipe...

Bell pepper
Cream cheese at room temp or softened enough to mix
Onion Soup Mix

Mix cream cheese and onion soup mix together. Cut bell pepper into bite size pieces. Put mixture on small pieces. I'd put them in the fridge just so they are a littler "firmer" since they are probably going to sit out for awhile at the party.

In the picture above is just one bell pepper cut up and I had enough mixture with just one soup mix and one thing of cream cheese for probably two bell peppers so it just depends how many you're wanting to feed as to how much to make. If you only make one, the mixture tastes great on a warm baked potato!

So there you have it, something easy, fun and delicious! Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


Jennelle said...

I've never had anything like those! I'll have to try out the recipe this fall. :)

Teenage Bride said...

Oh yum!!! Can I come over your house hahaha

Amber said...

Those looks so easy and YUMMY! Thanks for sharing. I've got two BBQ's to attend and these might be just the trick!

Christy said...

I love finding new finger food ideas - thanks for posting!

Angie said...