Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day at the Farm...

...this past Monday, we spent Labor Day at the farm. Any time that I normally go to the farm, I take a book but never have time to read it. Of course, this time I forgot my book and it was perfect weather and I had PLENTY of time to read...oh well! It was still a good time.

Splitting wood is a family affair and Shadow makes a great supervisor!Watermelon and pumpkin from the farm garden. I really wanted Matt to hold the watermelon so I could make the caption, "I carried a watermelon." Move quote...anyone know it? It's an easy one!
Shadow got some lovin' from his grandma Star:

After splitting wood, picking the garden and eating lunch, we did a little bit of fishing. Gummy worms did not help me out this time but Matt got one! His sister and dad did good too.
Then they ended the afternoon with some clay bird shooting. I have more pictures to post because I entertained myself trying to take some cool, different photos. And yes, Emma went with us but she was being a major brat! She spent most of her time inside the farm house hiding behind the wood stove because of the noise from the guns, log splitter and anything else that made a loud noise. I still love her but what a baby!!!
PS-Happy birthday Butchie!

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Beccabooxoxo said...

Really sounds like a good time!
The holidays always get the families together. It's my favorite part!

I love reading your blog, your a very real writer!