Sunday, October 6, 2013

AR the Big Helper!!!

...yesterday, AR and I were BUSY girls! This morning, I'm headed to the lake to do a presentation for a student workshop. It's my first night away from AR EVER...let's not talk about it. I was okay about it up until yesterday afternoon and I started missing her before I even went to bed. :-(
Since I will be gone today and home late tomorrow, we had a lot of stuff to get done. I have to say that AR was the biggest helper yesterday! After gymnastics and a nap, we headed up to my work where she helped me rinse out some tye dye shirts. First thing she did was put the hose right over her head! It started to rain on us but it didn't matter at that point. Then we came home and tye dyed MORE shirts! Yes, one day, I really will be finished tye dying.
We played and played all afternoon and then right before dinner, we decided to make cupcakes. I decided to let AR help. I, honestly, didn't realize it would be as messy as it was. I know, what was I thinking, right?
The recipe was really box of Funfetti cake mix, one cup of water and one cup of Greek yogurt. I'm not sure ours got mixed as well as it should have but she sure tried.
AR is a strong believer in tasting while cooking.
I was surprised when she started putting the mix in the pan without me even saying anything. I think she's only watched me once or twice make cupcakes. Of course, once the mix got in the pan then she used her hand to taste it again.
And one more final taste!
We were only 2 cupcakes short of what we normally have. I think AR and I were wearing them. They may not have been the best batch I've ever made but it wasn't definitely the best time I've had making cupcakes.
It just amazes me how grown up she is for such a little girl! I love seeing her be a big girl but I don't want it to go too fast.


Joanna said...

Looks like so much fun!! You definitely have a little helper :)

Liz said...

She's making cupcakes already?! Wasn't she just a tiny baby in a laundry basket last month?? :)