Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AR's Homemade Christmas Presents...

...I have pinned so many things on my Baby G Board so I decided to make some time to get things done. There were so many projects to choose from and with the holidays coming up, I decided AR and I should get a head start on Christmas gifts. I found a few hand/footprint projects. First things first, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 4 8x10 canvas for $8. I already had all the paint and brushes from other projects laying around the house.
I painted the red, pink and brown the night before. Super easy! Then the next day after work, I took AR outside and painted her foot. She fought me the entire time and that's why the footprints on the V are both her left foot. Then we did her hand which she did better than I expected.

I did a quick L and E in lowercase cursive, wrote her initials and the year on the back and ta-da-done! Note to moms of toddlers: Strip your child down to do any type of painting if you don't want to get paint on their clothes. It was a bit chilly when we did so that's why my child is pantless but still wearing a jacket. She was asking me if I thought it looked alright. Of course it does, sweet AR!
Next up was the ballerina tutu. I free hand drew the top of the leotard with a pencil on the canvas. Then I started painting pink for the top. Yes, I'm using AR's art tray, notice the Sesame Street coloring book? I had to do quite a few coats of the pink after letting it completely dry.
As I stated above, my child isn't a fan of paint on her hands or feet but she was also feeling under the weather. Either way, footprints are much easier than handprints so I switched it up and made the tutu out of her footprints. I also decided to add a little more color by mixing in a few purple footprints. The purple one on the right got a little out of line, do you notice?
My husband helped out by making the bow. Look at how concentrated he is!
While he was making the bow, I sprinkled on some purple glitter. It came out VERY fast which is why there's so much. Then I sprayed hairspray over it. Once it dried, I outlined the top of the tutu in black Sharpie.

When the bow was finished, I hot glued a strip of ribbon across the waistband. Then I hot glued on the bow to cover up the purple footprint that got out of control.
And ta-da...our finished footprint tutu with a lot of purple glitter bling!
The last project we attempted was a handprint tree with fingerprints. First, I traced her hand then painted it brown. Then we dipped her fingers in red, yellow and green paint and made dots all around the tree. Our finished product!
These kind of projects are so easy but she hates it-lol! I hope it gets easier the older she gets. 


Julie said...

How cute :)

Liz said...

Aww, so cute!!

What about handprint christmas trees?

I've seen this one: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/254875660132586714/

And this one which you could do by tracing yours, matt's, and AR's hands: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/253186810272997631/

I've also seen handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving too!

Joanna said...

Those look like fun!! It should get easier as she gets older. Good job on your crafts!

Cecilia said...

The tutu is seriously adorable. Where was Pinterest when my kiddos were small ones?

Anonymous said...

Love how she is looking at you!! Sha

Jessica @ Wanting Adventure said...

Such a cute project! Btw, love the new blog design too. :)