Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Owl Always Love You" Book Review...

...I was lucky enough to be asked to review a book called "Owl Always Love You." It's actually a personalized book so it has AR's name all throughout the book. Here is a description from flattenme, the company that makes and prints the book:
"OWL Always Love You customized storybook will give your little one the perfect signoff for dreamland with with a soothing story and a reminder of mom and dad’s love.Unlike traditional bedtime tales, the Owl Always Love You personalized storybook makes your child the star of the story by repeating his name in the narrative. Your little one will be drawn in by the beautiful illustrations of fuzzy (and sometimes silly) owls settling down for a good night’s sleep, and he’ll love the ethereal images of soaring kites and starlit skies. Cuddly owls, fluffy lambs, and friendly cows dazzle the pages in this very special book. Complementing the visual delight is a sonorous and soothing rhyming verse, chalk full of reminders of mom and dad’s love.Mom and dad will love this customized storybook, too. While the detailed illustrations will have kids noticing something new with each read, parents will love the creative plot, the vocabulary-building prose, and the playful but relaxing narrative.This one of a kind personalized book isn’t just for kids. Because you can never say “I love you” too many times, the Owl Always Love You customized storybook is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and baby showers, too.Long after your child has learned to put himself to bed each night, the Owl Always Love You customized storybook will remain a treasured keepsake. When your little one isn’t so little any more, he’ll remember the special moments he spent with you before bedtime, when he first developed an interest in reading and learned that he was loved like no other. And when your little night owl is all grown up, he’ll look back on the Owl Always Love You personalized storybook as an artifact from his happiest childhood days. Perfect for ages 0 to 100!"
I was surprised when I received it because, seriously, her name is on every single page and also because the print of her name totally flowed with the entire book. It didn't look like it was randomly put there, I mean you'd think every copy of this book came with her name on it.
I opened the package with the book in it after AR went to bed last night. It was a great surprise for her when she woke up this morning and she couldn't wait to start reading it!
I suggested we go to her room to read it and she took off!
The book fit in perfectly with her room!
She patiently waited for me to stop taking pictures so we could start reading.
Luckily, owl is one of the words in her vocabulary so every page was "owl! owl!"
The book was very professional looking and the story was so sweet. Every page rhymed and while some lines were totally silly, "Owl always love you like icing loves cake," there were such sweet lines that I say to her on a regular basis, "Owl always love you. You mean the world to me." AR loved looking at all the pages, not a single page looked the same so it kept her attention. There were also words she could identify like "owl," "night night" and "cow" so it was good practice for her. No matter what age, I think this would be a sweet book for any mom or dad to read to their child. The only downfall though is that if we use this book regularly at her age, I know it'll be torn up so I'll probably put it away until she's a little older. This is definitely a gift idea I'll be keeping in mind for new mommas out there!
flattenme has been generous enough to donate one personalized copy of "Owl Always Love You" to one lucky reader! The winner will just have to pay $3.99 for shipping. This giveaway will be open until 10/13/13. Be sure to find Flatten Me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter along with their own blog. Good luck!

*I was provided a personalized copy of "Owl Always Love You" at no charge for my honest review of the book.  

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Julie said...

I would give this book to my niece Lainey - she loves owls and its perfect for her to start reading with :)

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Well, of course I would get this for baby C!

Jenni Brink said...

Aw Yay! Emma would love this! She's obsessed with books.

Sara said...

Is it terrible that I'd be greedy and keep it for my own kid?! :)

Ann Ehnert said...

Cute! Mads would love this - currently obsessing over owls. :)