Tuesday, October 29, 2013

STL Transportation Museum...

...the morning of the Great Pumpkin Festival, AR and I went to the STL Transportation Museum. I had bought a Groupon for $8 which included admission for 2 and train rides for 2. I paid an additional $4 for Creation Station so I spent a total $12 for our outing.

First things first, we went to Creation Station. They had this school bus that you could walk up the stairs then drive the bus or go down a slide. This is where AR spent the majority of her time. She LOVED it...can you tell? 
Of course they had train tables, quite a few of them! AR liked this one but she got so mad at this bridge. Her train would get stuck in it and it took her awhile to figure out how to get it out. I thought trains were a boy thing but my little girl really loves the train table.
This was the reading corner. I told her to get a book for Mommy to read and when she turned around to look at me, this is what I got. Silly goose!
This pen was magnetic and you could move balls around with it. AR was very intrigued by this and played here for awhile. She wasn't too keen on sharing any of the three with the two boys in the background but I finally got her to just play and not worry about those. Creation Station was a good deal! $2 per person for an hour of play and there were tons of things to do in there plus crafts. 
Then we went on the miniature train ride. It's $4 per person I think over 12 months. The best part is that it's unlimited rides! I thought the thing went pretty fast as you can see from AR's hair here and she loved it. There were random trains and planes that they give you history as you ride. There's also a separate building with more trains you can go see.
Here's AR with the conductor! I was pretty proud of her in this picture with that huge smile. Lately, she's all about mommy so I wasn't sure how she'd react but she did awesome.
Mommy and AR with the train behind us
There's a big, full size train on display in front which AR loved. She liked watching the little train go by us outside. She loved sitting on the stairs and going up and down. She really liked this place!
Then as we left, we passed Gypsy Rose, a boat on wheels with pirates! Here's AR with her sword protecting her Cheerios!
I thought it was a great time and the weather was perfect. It was very small but I liked that because there weren't a ton of people there. Honestly though, if we didn't do Creation Station then there wouldn't have been a whole lot for us to do so it's a definite must if you take the kids there. Since I didn't have to pay for admission for her but had bought the Groupon for 2, they gave me a free pass with no expiration which I wasn't expecting so that was a nice surprise.
The Groupon was an awesome deal. If I'd paid for everything, it would have been $20 vs the $12 I paid plus free pass to come back again. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for this deal again!


Joanna said...

That looks like so much fun!! Trains are for everyone silly mommy :P She would have a blast at my house if she is a train lover!

Liz said...

let me know if you see that Groupon deal again. We haven't taken D to the transportation museum yet but I think he'd love it.

Cecilia said...

Please share if the deal comes back. The small boy has never been and I be the would love it.