Friday, October 4, 2013

Chocolate Check-In Week 5...

Still training hard for the Hot Chocolate 5k coming up in December. I'm also trying to talk hubs into making a weight loss wager with me...I'll keep you posted.
Friday, September 27-Ran 1.5 miles in 17:57! 
Saturday, September 28-Ran 1.5 miles in 17:56 before tye dying 100+ shirts at work; glad I did this before work because I was exhausted afterwards.
Sunday, September 29-Walked a mile with my sweet AR and my throat gland (official terminology) started getting huge...
Monday, September 30-Gland wasn't any better so I went to the doctor. Turns out I have a lymphnode infection so I skipped my run and opted for a 1 mile walk with AR instead.
Tuesday, October 1-Ran 1.5 mile in 17:50...gland much smaller and feeling better!
Wednesday, October 2-Ran 1.5 mile in 17:48, this run was easy and went fast....amazing what a little Netflix will do to take your mind off the task at hand!
Thursday, October 3-Ran my first mile outside and it took 12:06. Glad to see that my pace on the t-mill isn't too far off of my outside pace.
Challenge: First thing in the morning when you wake up, do 20 jumping jacks to get going for the day! Try to increase a little bit each day.
When AR and I go on walks, we always pass this sign:
I'm sure the middle school kids in our neighborhood did it. While I'm not one to graffiti, I really want to add the extra line so the Mercedes symbol will go away unless, of course, the kids are trying to tell Mercedes to peace out. Hmm...


Cecilia said...

What if you add it with dry erase marker? Or washable marker? :) Great job on the workouts this week.

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

Look at you go! You are doing awesome :-)