Sunday, October 20, 2013

Green Tea Smoothie!!!

...I was recently given the opportunity to sample Matcha DNA Certified Organic Tea. When we were TTC, I was very strict about no caffeine so green tea was a staple for me. I wish I'd known about this product then!
I received this 3 oz bag with individual packet of green tea powder.
Matcha's website has a whole page full of recipes. You can make everything from jelly to cookies and pancakes or you can simply sprinkle it on your cereal or croissant. When I saw the recipe for the smoothie, I knew that was the one I was going to try for AR and me.
The recipe was easy enough:
1/2 banana
200 ml of milk of your choice (about 7 oz)
1 teaspoon of honey
4-5 ice cubes
Put all ingredients in a blender and mix for one minute, or until smooth.
Saturday morning I made a smoothie for AR and I to share. I used vanilla almond milk which is what we typically use for smoothies. While I blended the smoothie, AR enjoyed the other half of the banana.

AR mixed it up even more with her straw. She was really excited to try it out.

Then she tasted it and...she loved it! The bad thing about sharing a smoothie with AR is that she gets the majority of it. I thought it tasted pretty good myself and I like adding honey to sweeten it rather than sugar.
AR has had a bit of a cold so I'm hoping that the green tea smoothies help her to fight off germs and keep us both healthy this winter. Matcha DNA Certified Organic Tea is definitely a keeper in our house and we'll definitely be trying some of the other recipes on their website. You can check out a couple videos about Matcha DNA Certified Organic Tea here and here.
*I received one three oz. bag of Matcha DNA Certified Organic Tea in exchange for my honest opinion of their product.

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