Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Kinsights $200 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway...

...I found this awesome website called Kinsights. First off, it's free to sign up and you know I'm all about free. The best way to describe it is a mom group with tons of moms which equals tons of brains to pick about everything and anything. Another plus about this site is that it allows you to add information about your child and keep track of all their immunizations and milestones. This is great for me because when she first started crawling I was ecstatic and then she started saying ma ma and then walking and now as those moments get further away, it's harder for me to remember when she did all of that. Now it's in one convenient location! A solution for mom brain-yah!!!

Kinsights is doing a giveaway for a free $200 gift card. This giveaway is open until November 10; see the form above to enter. Good luck and thank me later for helping you work with mom brain...if you remember!

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