Saturday, October 12, 2013


...go Birds, go Birds, go Birds!!! This past Wednesday night, our beloved Cardinals won the National League Division Series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We were lucky enough to go to the game! This was AR's second game and her first playoff game out of the womb.
After the last game we took her to, I was very concerned about how she'd be especially since it started at her bedtime. She did AWESOME though!!! I think it helped that it was much cooler and she loved everyone sitting around us. She gave fives to all the fans around us, she clapped and even "cheered" aka screamed a few times.
Here are the girls before the game
An infamous brick picture family style
Here's our crew: Matt, me, AR, H and my dad. This pic was right when we arrived and she wasn't so sure what was going on.
As soon as we sat down, the boys went to get dinner and brought back two, yes two, napkins. When AR saw Daddy's french fries, she grabbed herself one and dipped them in the ketchup AND cheese...what a mess!
The Mister and me
Me, H and Papa
AR trying to take control of the camera
Much better pic of me and my girl
Thank goodness for this water bottle! She was entertained for a good 2 innings just opening, closing and drinking out of it like a big girl. We even had an extra seat by us which worked out nicely so she could sit in it and also so she could walk back and forth.
We took one break from our seats around the 5th inning. We visited the team store and AR fell in love with this foam finger (which we left at the store). Once she found the bats then I knew it was time to head back to our seats.
She started fussing around the 8th inning which was about 2.5 hours past her bedtime. I told Matt to hand me a snack, thinking he'd pass down the Cheerios, but no, I suddenly see her reaching for a cupcake in her Daddy's hand. Didn't make much difference though because about half an inning later, she was passed out in my arms. She missed the last three outs then woke up to celebrate the win and once we got in the carseat, baby girl was passed out again.
Fredbird after the game-GO BIRDS!
The boys celebrating their big win!
Matt took our DSLR and was obsessed with taking pictures of Waino
Adam Wainwright was amazing and is the 27th pitcher to have a complete game victory in a winner-take-all postseason contest. Now, let's GO BIRDS!!! Keep it up!

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