Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Waiting to Go Out...

...last Friday, Matt and I had a night out! We were invited to one of his friend's wedding receptions. It's seriously been forever since we've gone out. Mainly, because I always feel bad asking his mom or sister to watch AR because they watch her so much for us when we have to work and my sis and step-sis live a bit farther away so it doesn't usually work for them to watch just an evening. I know I could actually hire a babysitter but I'm too cheap for that! Aside from AR's sitter that watches her when we're at work, only one other non-family member has watched her and AR is actually a flowergirl in her wedding next fall! I digress...luckily, my mom was in town and she begs for AR time so it was a win-win!
I shaved my legs and got all dressed up. This is a Ralph Lauren dress that I found at Marshall's this summer for a pretty sweet deal! It's a bit "bright" but I actually kind of love it. The heels are brown peep-toes that were actually my friend Stevie's. She let me borrow them for my rehearsal dinner and it's the only time they've ever been worn. At the time, they were too big for me and too small for her so I kept them. Now, post-AR, they fit perfectly and are the only heels I have that fit!
Here's my girl and me!
She is all about the planes now! We don't live super close to the airport but close enough to a big airport and a little one so we see a lot when we're outside.
Nana's always making AR laugh.
OMG! Her Daddy takes SOOO long to get ready, he's worst than a girl. That's why there's so many random pics because we were waiting on him to get a family pic before we left.
FINALLY, he came out...wearing sunglasses so that's what he's hiding behind his back. Pretty sharp looking couple though, eh?
And our attempt (this is like the 4th or 5th) at a family pic. Matt never looks at the camera when we try for a family pic because he's always trying to get AR to smile and then when she does, he's not looking. Case and point here.
After that last picture, we headed out to the wedding and I don't think AR was too upset about staying home with Nana. What do you think?
It was a fun evening although we didn't stay too late because we both had to work the next morning. Congrats Andy and Julie and thanks for having us!


Jenni-Bee said...

Seriously, so stinking pretty in that dress! I hope you wear it lots!

Meg @ Meg-in-Training said...

I wish I had that dress!!! Great pics :-)