Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Festival...

...this past Sunday, AR and I had a busy day! We used our Groupon to the Transportation Museum in the morning and had a blast. Then we ran home for a quick lunch and nap. When she got up, we were out the door again to the Great Pumpkin Festival put on by and at Morning Star Church. I took AR last year at all of five months old. Here's a comparison pic...crazy, huh?
October 20121
She's got a bit of a cold, same as last year, but we both still had a good time.
Everything is free and the event is ran so smoothly. I also love that MOPS is there to provide a tent, seriously a tent, for diaper changing and nursing. First stop was the pumpkin patch! Every family gets one free pumpkin. I tried to let AR pick her own but she was too interested in other kids and babies to stay focused on the pumpkins. She did like touching all the stems on each.and.every. one!
She must've been starving because she ate a piece and a half of pumpkin bread, my apples and hers plus half a hot dog! We tasted the chilis in the cook-off and we shared some of that. They also had pumpkin soup and funnel cake and marshmallow roasting area but we didn't taste any of that. We were messy enough with the bread and apples.

They had pumpkin decorating, gunny sack races, pony rides and inflatables. We mainly stuck to the games, hayride and petting zoo. Here's AR doing the ring toss.
This was Frisbee tic-tac-toe or throw the Frisbee to mommy. All the games had prizes for the kids but while I can, we skipped that part. She had a blast with the games that she didn't need the prizes and we don't need the clutter at home either!
We went on a hayride where we got a great view of the pumpkin chucking.
Our last stop was the petting zoo! We've seen this same petting zoo at least once a month for the past three months. Normally, AR loves the camel and baby cow but today she was acting scared of them. Instead, she was all about the baby goats!
It was another fun afternoon with my girl and gorgeous weather! Morning Star does an excellent job running this event. Even though there's HUNDREDS of people there, the parking is easy, lines aren't too long except for pony rides and inflatables but that's how it is at most events. They had lots of activities that both older and young kids like AR could do. Great job Morning Star!


Julie said...

Morningstar is my friends family's church and one year I'll go to the event because they, and you, are always raving about it. Sounds like fun!

Cecilia said...

That looks like so much fun. I need to remember this for next year.

Sara said...

Seriously? She is so stinking cute. That top ponytail kills me. I could eat her up.