Saturday, October 19, 2013

Being Healthy While Eating Out... you all know I'm in the thick of training for my 5k and desperately trying to get rid of the baby weight that keeps adding on, right? I've started working out and changing up my diet which has made all the difference as I've lost almost 20 pounds in two months! It's easy to eat well when you can plan and prepare all the food for yourself. I plan our dinners every week so that we can avoid eating out when possible but there's always times when you can't avoid eating have to work late, you burnt dinner (oops-that happens more often than I'd like to admit), you're going out for ladies night or celebrating your anniversary with your husband, there's just no way around it, you're going to have to eat out.

When we do, I'm quickly looking up nutrition info online trying to figure out what I'm going to order before we get there. Sometimes though, we're driving down the road when we decide to stop and I don't have the time to research which restaurant we should stop at. If we have fast food, I always pick a sandwich place because I assume it's the healthiest option.

I found a website called Healthy Dining Finder. It does all the work for me! You put in your zip code and it will pull up almost every restaurant within a certain mile radius. Then it will tell you the healthy options that are available at each restaurant and the nutrional information for each meal. It's a one-stop calorie check stop!

It also has a section for Kids Live Well which emphasizes meal choices like lean proteins, fruits and veggies. You may notice the Kids Live Well icon on some restaurant menus. Their website will tell you what restaurants have Live Well options. I love this program and feature as AR's appetite is getting bigger than my plate to share!

Healthy Dining Finder has a ton of other resources to help you stay on track with eating healthy like restaurant recipes you can try at home, a dietician you can ask your eating out questions, and they do a $25 gift card weekly giveaway.  Now that I've found Healthy Dining Finder, I'm excited because I can eat while being healthy and I don't have to eat sandwiches all the time. Bring on the Lee's white chicken chili!

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SLESE1014 said...

This would have come in handy while traveling too. Being gestational diabetic this time around I've been insane about watching my carbs. Reading every single nutritional info option available before going into a place to eat has become tedious. I would love this kind of app so I don't have to eat at the same places over and over and well eat the same things over and gets really boring!! Congrats on the 20 pound should be super proud of yourself. I hope to lose this baby weight and keep it off since I lost Raegan's weight but put it back on and then some before getting pregnant. The food choices I've made while being GD have helped. I hope to continue to stay as healthy as I have been and hopefully lose some weight too. Good luck and keep up the awesome work!!