Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Have You Ever Wondered About Angels?" Children's Book Review...

...With Christmas coming sooner than I can imagine, I was recently perusing through Amazon trying to come up with gift ideas for AR. Right now, AR is loving books and reading. Every night after dinner, she crawls up in my chair with me and for 30 minutes, we read the same 6 or 7 books. As much as I love to chugga chugga choo choo, I would welcome some new books in our collection.
I came across a book titled "Have You Ever Wondered About Angels?" I contacted the author, Chris Alexandria, and asked if I might be able to check it out. I'm so thankful we have a new book in our collection!
As Chris and I were emailing, it turns out that she used to live in my town. What a small world! When we got the book, we immediately opened it up and started reading. Chris had even autographed it for us!
The book addresses questions that kids have about angels...their wings, how they fly, if they sleep and my favorite, how angels speak to you.
Before we started reading, AR had to check it out...upside down!
Then she settled in on my lap and while I read, she turned the pages like the big girl she's becoming.
The pictures kept her attention and she pointed at different things in the picture saying, "What's that?"
The last few pages talks about how angels speak to you. This was my favorite part! It says that a white feather is a sign they are around you or when you see groups of 4. It even had this phrase for you to repeat when you need angels around you.
I definitely give this book 5/5 stars! It was just the right length for the younger kids attention span and the pictures were beautifully illustrated. You can find more about this book at Angel Chatter where you can purchase this book and look at the shop full of other items. Thank you, Chris, for allowing me to review your awesome book!

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Chris Alexandria said...

Many thanks for such kind words about our book. We so loved writing it and being able to touch our littlest angels is a true blessing.